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This guide shares the best districts of Ho Chi Minh City vĩ đại help you decide where vĩ đại stay during your visit vĩ đại Vietnam’s capital thành phố.

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Are you headed vĩ đại Vietnam and curious about where vĩ đại stay in Ho Chi Minh City? I feel you. It’s a massive thành phố that’s divided up by 24 districts or neighborhoods, sánh deciding which area is the best place vĩ đại stay in Ho Chi Minh is a difficult decision. It took bầm ages vĩ đại choose a place vĩ đại stay when I first moved vĩ đại Saigon as a solo female traveler in Asia.

How vĩ đại choose from the long list of Ho Chi Minh districts depends a lot on what kind of traveler you are, how long you’re planning on staying, and what you’re hoping vĩ đại vì thế while visiting. There are sánh many amazing things vĩ đại vì thế in Saigon, but they’re super spread out all over the thành phố. Making a priority list may help you determine where vĩ đại stay.

It also really depends on your travel budget. Are you looking for the best khách sạn in Ho Chi Minh, or are you a budget backpacker looking for a cheap hostel? It’s a lot vĩ đại think about! 

In this guide, I provide a summary of the best districts in Saigon and some khách sạn and hostel recommendations. Let’s get into the city’s neighborhoods and where the best place vĩ đại stay in Ho Chi Minh City is based on your travel style and needs.

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Map of Ho Chi Minh City Districts

Here’s a very helpful map of Ho Chi Minh’s districts drawn up by Codie Maps. He’s clearly outlined all of the districts in Ho Chi Minh City.

District 1 and District 3 are considered the thành phố center, with 1 being the very heart of downtown. Thao Dien/District 2 is the expat hub of HCMC but is located a bit far from the thành phố center. District 5 is home page vĩ đại Chinatown and a few of the best attractions in the thành phố. 

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How vĩ đại Get from the Ho Chi Minh City Airport vĩ đại the City

First things first, you’re probably wondering how vĩ đại get vĩ đại Ho Chi Minh City from the airport! That’s usually my very first question when arriving in a new place. At the moment, the most convenient and quickest way vĩ đại get vĩ đại the thành phố from the airport is via xe taxi. 

A xe taxi ride may lập cập you anywhere from 150,000 – 300,000 ($7-$15) depending on traffic, and your ride can take up vĩ đại 45 minutes or more. They have private xe taxi stands at the airport and I recommend Vinasun and Mai Linh xe taxi services vĩ đại avoid scams and stay safe. You can also come with the Grab App, the ‘Uber’ of SouthEast Asia, downloaded on your phone, and book a ride that way.

If you’re cheap and on a budget, lượt thích I eternally am, there are also a few bus options you can choose from vĩ đại get vĩ đại the thành phố center from Ho Chi Minh Airport. You can take the thành phố bus #152, which is a green bus, or the yellow airport buses #109 or #49. They all have varying rates but range from đôi mươi,000 – 40,000 VND ($1 – $2). They have slightly different routes, but most take passengers vĩ đại District 1.

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What is the best district in Ho Chi Minh City?

Overall, I feel that District 1 is the best place vĩ đại stay in Ho Chi Minh City for short term visitors. Specifically, I recommend staying near Benh Tanh Market or Bui Vien Walking Street. From here, you should be able vĩ đại easily see the best things vĩ đại vì thế in Saigon.

However, other places worth staying in Ho Chi Minh will be either District 3, or District 5 as they’ll put you closest vĩ đại the thành phố center and near all the action. District 2 (Thao Dien) isn’t a terrible option either because there’s a great art and expat scene there, but it is a bit outside the center.

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Shops in District 1

Here’s a detailed breakdown of each of the best districts vĩ đại stay in Ho Chi Minh City.

District 1 – Downtown Ho Chi Minh City

Who it’s for: Most tourists and backpackers 

Top attractions: Ben Tanh Market, Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon, Bui Vien Walking (Party) Street, Cafe Léman Luxury, Tập Đoàn Bitexco Tower and Observation Deck, Independence Palace

Things vĩ đại note:

  • It’s a central location where most tourists and backpackers stay, sánh there are many accommodation options 
  • A lively buổi tiệc nhỏ scene at night and lots of crowds
  • The district that’s closest vĩ đại most of the best things vĩ đại vì thế in Saigon
  • My top recommendation for where vĩ đại stay in HCMC
ho chi minh thành phố hall
The stunning City Hall in District 1

Places vĩ đại Stay in Ho Chi Minh District 1

Trendy and super popular: The Hideout

The Hideout is an insanely popular hostel in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s for those looking vĩ đại meet fellow travelers and take part in the buổi tiệc nhỏ scene. Guests enjoy a không lấy phí beer each day of their stay and the staff is known vĩ đại be super helpful and knowledge.

Basic budget but clean hostel: City Backpackers Hostel

The City Backpackers Hostel is a basic but well located hostel not far from the city’s top attractions lượt thích the Ben Thanh Market and Notre Dame Cathedral. Their rates can’t be beat either nd fall around $10/night.

Mid-range khách sạn with an excellent rooftop pool: Silverland Yen Hotel

Silverland Yen Hotel is a great option for those seeking utmost comfort in a reasonably priced khách sạn. Plus, you can’t beat that rooftop pool and epic thành phố views. It’s located a short walk from Benh Than Market.

Cafe apartments in Ho Chi Minh walking street
Cafe Léman Luxury in Nguyen Walking Street

District 2 – Thao Dien, Expat Central

Who it’s for: luxury travelers, digital nomads, or those seeking an artsy expat scene

Top attractions: Vinhomes Riverside Central Park, Landmark 81, đáng yêu boutique shops, high-end cafes and restaurants, fun night scene and bars, expat events and performances

Things vĩ đại note:

  • Far from the thành phố center, about a 20-minute scooter xe taxi from downtown Saigon
  • Not many tourist attractions in this neck of the woods, but a possible option for long term travelers or digital nomads
  • Not my top recommendation for short-term visitors
  • No hostels in this part of the city
A sunset picnic in Vinhomes Riverside Central Park in District 2

Best Places vĩ đại Stay in Ho Chi Minh District 2

The best budget stay in D2: A in Hotel Glamour

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Inspired by glam, this budget khách sạn in Thao Dien is an excellent khách sạn option that only runs about $10 per night. While the location isn’t the greatest for seeing the top tourist attractions in the thành phố, it is a solid option for travelers sold on staying in District 2.

Flashpacker Vibes: Sen Boutique House

For flashpackers looking for a little peace, quiet and privacy, the Sen Boutique House makes for wonderful escapes from the bustle of the thành phố. Privates range in price from $30 – $50 making it a comfy place vĩ đại stay for couples visiting Saigon.

A Luxury Stay: Villa Song Saigon

If you’re seeking some luxury during your visit vĩ đại Ho Chi Minh City, look no further than vãn Villa Song Saigon. This place is absolutely gorgeous and situated right on the Saigon River in District 2. Guests enjoy the onsite pool, incredible architecture, and the không lấy phí two-way river shuttle that takes guests from the khách sạn vĩ đại the thành phố center.

Where vĩ đại stay in Ho Chi Minh skyline
The diverse skyline in Ho Chi Minh CIty

District 3 – Near the City Center, Closer vĩ đại the Locals

Who it’s for: Travelers looking vĩ đại escape the main tourist area without going too far 

Top attractions: Thi Nghe Canal, War Remnants Museum, Tanh Dinh Church (Pink Church), genuine Vietnamese neighborhoods

Things vĩ đại note

  • About a 25+ minute walk vĩ đại the thành phố center of District 1
  • A bustling and lively area that feels very authentically Vietnamese
  • Away from the central tourist hub of Bui Vien walking street
  • A variety of local street food carts
  • I stayed in District 3 and loved it! But for short-term visitors, it does require some effort vĩ đại get around compared vĩ đại D1
Canal in District 3 Saigon
I called District 3 home page during my short stint living in Ho Chi Minh City

Best Accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City District 3

For flashpackers looking for a private room: Leaf Signature Hotel

Leaf Signature Hotel is a super đáng yêu place vĩ đại stay offering photogenic boho vibes and private rooms for couples or pairs of travelers. It’s located in a quiet area of the thành phố about a 15-minute walk from the famous old post office and the downtown area of Ho Chi Minh. Prices range from around $35+ per night.

Best Affordable Hotel in D3: Orchids Saigon Hotel

If you’re looking for an affordable khách sạn in Ho Chi Minh, Orchids Saigon is a great option. The price runs from about $88 per night. This rate usually includes breakfast and access vĩ đại the onsite swimming pool (which is beautiful btw) and fitness center. Reviewers mention that it’s not too far of a walk vĩ đại popular attractions lượt thích Independence Palace and the War Remnants Museum. 

things vĩ đại vì thế in ho chi minh pink church
The pretty in pink church in District 3

District 5 – Chinatown

Who it’s for: Off-the-beaten-path budget backpackers

Top attractions: Thien Hau Temple, Binh Tay Market, Hoi Quan Ha Chuong Temple, Cha Tam Church

Things vĩ đại note:

  • Aways from D1 / the heart of the thành phố. About a 10-15 min scooter ride
  • Great place for local and super cheap street food 
  • Chinese influences, culture and historical architecture
  • A better place vĩ đại stay than vãn District 2 in my opinion but third vĩ đại D1 and D3
thien hau temple ho chi minh
The historical Thien Hau Temple in Ho Chi Minh City’s D5

The Best Accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City District 5

Budget hostel: Natural House Hostel

Rocking a solid 8.9 rating on booking.com, Natural House Hostel is another budget option where travelers can grab a bed from as low as $6 per night. They have a 24-hour check-in desk, for people arriving late at night and are located in the heart of Chinatown.

The Best Hotel in District 5: Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh City

If you’re someone who prefers staying in a khách sạn and on the hunt for a good option in District 5, Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh is a good option. They have an onsite swimming pool and a Búp Phê breakfast you can purchase if you wish. I must say it’s not the best place vĩ đại stay in Ho Chi Minh, but possibly the best khách sạn in D5.

where vĩ đại stay in Ho Chi Minh district 5
Photogenic apartments spotted in Chinatown

Best Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City Overall

Sifting through the best hotels in Ho Chi Minh City can be a chore, sánh I went ahead and did it for you :p Check out the top-rated and best options for hotels in Saigon.

Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint 

Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint is located in District 1 within walking distance of Saigon Square and offers a fantastic rooftop pool with DJ performances that have some of the best views in the thành phố. It’s considered one of the best hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, not only for its excellent amenities but also its semi-affordable rate.

Silverland Yen Hotel

Silverland Yen Hotel in District 1 is a beautiful khách sạn with decor that takes inspiration from nature. Their rooms are all pristine and clean, and guests love the swimming pool and spa làm đẹp at the khách sạn. It’s one of the highest-reviewed places in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Reverie Saigon

If you’re looking for sophistication and luxury, the Reverie Saigon should be your top choice. This five-star khách sạn located in D1 is the definition of elegance. The decor is reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance and is such a delight vĩ đại experience. I didn’t experience this khách sạn myself, but the reviews and photos speak for themselves.

The famous colonial post office is not vĩ đại be missed

Best Hostels in Ho Chi Minh City Overall

Hostels are my jam, and I’ve had a lot of experience pouring over the best hostels in Ho Chi Minh when deciding where I was going vĩ đại stay when I first arrived in HCMC and right before I left a couple of months later. Here are some of the best in the thành phố.

Best budget hostel: Long Hostel

Long Hostel is well-reviewed and touted as a friendly, clean, and very affordable hostel. The location is also fabulous and places visitors within walking distance from Saigon’s main attractions. Dorms start at just $5/night, including breakfast!

Best social hostel: The Hideout

I went into detail about The Hideout above, but it’s sánh popular and highly rated that it’s a worthy competitor in the lập cập for the best hostel in Hanoi. It’s ideal for solos and those looking vĩ đại buổi tiệc nhỏ it up on Sasigon.

Best styled hostel: The Like Hostel & Cafe

The Like Hostel & Cafe is a modern and stylish hostel in the heart of District 1. Each bed features a privacy curtain (a hostel must) and a rooftop bar. The vibrant Bui Vien Backpacker street is a short walk away.

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Busy Bui Vien Walking Street in District 1 – probably the best place vĩ đại stay in Ho Chi Minh for backpackers
This post may contain affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost vĩ đại you, if you click through and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your tư vấn <3 Learn more on my disclosure page.

There you have it! My guide vĩ đại the districts of Ho Chi Minh City and the best places vĩ đại stay in Saigon! Questions? Comments? Share below!