Bangkok's top 20 places for food


Old Town (actually Banglamphu) is a very popular neighborhood in thủ đô bangkok where you can find famous streets lượt thích Khao San Road and Rambuttri Road. Despite the fact that this area is packed with backpackers and the street food and food stalls are very popular, you will also find great restaurants here. China Town is also part of Old Town, but there are so many restaurants that we described them separately in the article about đài loan trung quốc Town.

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Let’s start right away with a very popular location and perhaps the most famous Padthai restaurant in all of Thailand! We are talking about Thipsamai & if you lượt thích Padthai then you must have eaten here at least once! In 1939 the founders of Thipsamai started selling Padthai on a boat along the Phasi Charoen canal. Then she moved khổng lồ the sidewalk of the Mahachai road near the Pratoopee junction. Because of the hustle và bustle và the small number of seats they then moved inside. With a good dose of passion, perseverance and chất lượng control, this family business has grown into what it is today. The result? A number of branches in thủ đô bangkok including a modern version at the ICONSIAM shopping mall on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

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Thipsamai is known worldwide for the super delicious Padthai of which many visitors say they have eaten the most delicious Padthai ever! Try for example their signature dish the “superb” Padthai also called Padthai Sen-Chan. This is prepared with rice noodles, shrimp oil, fresh deep sea shrimp, tofu, vegetables & a special herbal mixture. It is then expertly wrapped in a thin sheet of fried egg và it is up lớn you lớn twist the dish khổng lồ your own taste. You can vày this with ground peanuts, sugar, vinegar, fish sauce and chili flakes.

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If you are planning lớn eat a Padthai at Thipsamai, keep in mind that there is a queue. The location where this restaurant has been located since 1966 is extremely popular. Rather pick it up? No problem, you can also pick it up here so you can enjoy the Padthai on the street or in your hotel/hostel. A well-deserved place in the list of best restaurants in Old Town Bangkok!

Address: 313 315 Maha Chai Road, bangkok thái lan 10200, vương quốc của nụ cười Google Maps: Thipsamai Open: Daily from 17:00 – 01:00 Menu: Via this link Website: Thipsamai


YUMMY! Be sure to lớn order a bottle or glass of orange juice and also the “Icy Coconut Juice”. Both of these are delicious & not to be missed!

Khin Lom Chom Saphan

Another great location not lớn be missed in our các mục of best restaurants in Old Town Bangkok! Khin Lom Chom Saphan is located on the Chao Phraya River và has a beautiful view over the Chao Phraya. The name of the restaurant literally means, good food overlooking the bridge, nothing could be further from the truth! From the terrace you look out on the special Rama IIIX Bridge. A beautiful location with a fantastic view!

At Khin Lom Chom Saphan you can choose to sit inside or outside on the terrace. From the terrace you have a view of many small và large ships passing by. There are more than enough seats và the staff is extremely friendly! They will gladly advise you about the extensive menu on which the many dishes that can be found here show off.