Da Nang & Hoi An Food Guide: What To Eat


Da Nang food mostly has the outstanding features of the Central cuisine of Vietnam. This is the reason why many tourists cannot resist enjoying it during their trips khổng lồ this coastal city.

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1.2. Sliced pork rolled with rice paper - A must-try domain authority Nang food

Sliced pork rolled with rice paper, or banh trang cuon thit heo in Vietnamese, is one of domain authority Nang best foods that tourists should try. As its name suggests, when you enjoy this dish, you need khổng lồ soften the rice paper with a little water and wrap it around the pork. Khổng lồ bring an unforgettable taste for foodies, the cook usually chooses tender pork and cuts it into small sliced pieces.

Like many other specialties in Vietnam, this Da Nang food comes with plenty of herbs & vegetables such as lettuces, corianders, basils, sliced cucumbers, sliced green mangos,... In addition, the sweet and sour fish sauce is a must if you want to lớn balance the fat of the pork with the freshness of the greens.


1.3. Duck porridge

Duck porridge is an extremely nutritious food that you should not miss out on. It is made from already-roasted glutinous rice & green beans which are all stewed for hours. Grilled onion và crushed ginger are also added to lớn make the porridge sweeter and more fragrant.

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When any food lover refers to lớn delicious dishes in domain authority Nang, it is impossible to lớn ignore the rich và unique flavor of duck porridge. The weather in domain authority Nang is relatively cool and there is nothing better than enjoying a delicious bowl of hot duck porridge and pieces of greasy duck meat with your beloved.


1.4. Nem Tre (Fermented pork roll) - An excellent choice of domain authority Nang street food

Nem Tre is not only an appetizing dish to lớn enjoy in your da Nang trip but also a specialty that you should bring trang chủ as a gift. It is made from pork rinds, pig’s ears, nape fat, lean pork & beef. These ingredients are mixed with anchovy sauce, Ly Son garlic and galangal. After that, the mixture will be fermented for some days to lớn have the richest flavor.

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When eating this domain authority Nang food, you will feel the chewy taste of the meat và the rind as well as the unique harmonization of all the spices. Normally, da Nang people will serve this dish with pickled green papaya & carrot, along with other herbs, to bring to lớn tourists an unforgettable flavor that cannot be found anywhere else.