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In 1962/3 every second household was equipped with a refrigerator, but only every fourth owned a washing machine.

Consider the behavior of a domestic washing machine.

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I prepared the dinner, got vĩ đại bởi the washing in the washing machine and hố it up, and ironing and things.

It is easier vĩ đại shower kêu ca vĩ đại take a bath, and it is easier vĩ đại use a washing machine at home page kêu ca go vĩ đại a launderette (a self-service laundry).

Don't go in the washing machine!

Together with this input- output flow of action, there should be a representation of the physical structure of the washing machine, which needs vĩ đại be developed during the design process.

Such conditions also put limits on housework and, without the use of a washing machine, the physical demands of the weekly wash proved too much for some.

The probe, which is about the size of an ordinary kitchen washing machine, fired its thrusters vĩ đại stabilise its orbit prior vĩ đại reaching its final egg-shaped orbit early in 2005.

How bởi you divide a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine if there is no agreement?

Certain types of washing machine have an eco-label.

But, in fact, this gas washing machine is a poor man's article.

He cannot buy the washing machine, the electric cooker and all the other things which he and his wife feel they must have.

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I am no longer certain, for example, that a washing machine is really a luxury vĩ đại a housewife with children.

I should have thought it would be extremely difficult for a person vĩ đại return a washing machine or refrigerator vĩ đại that type of premises.

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