Monkey Isl& Resort Cat Ba Islvà is a perfect 3-star property phối within 2.6 miles of Trung Trang Cave sầu and 1.9 miles of Cat Ba Town. Wi-Fi is available in the lobby as well as an indoor swimming pool, a restaurant và a garden are available on site.

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Monkey Isl& Resort is placed about 35 miles from Cat Bi International airport & a few minutes" walk from Panorama. The pet-friendly resort is beside recreational beaches of Cat Ba Island. A 20-minute stroll takes you lớn Beach.


Some rooms include a private bathroom. Some rooms look out over the sea.

Eat và Drink

Guests can have sầu breakfast in the bar every morning. Dinner is offered at the à la carte Monkey Islvà restaurant each evening.


Wireless mạng internet is available in public areas for không lấy phí.

Guest Parking

No parking available.




I liked the location on the beach. The water the room & the staff were very nice.

My first room was a bit moldy smelling. We were overcharged for airport piông xã up.

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The staff at Monkey Islvà could not vì chưng enough khổng lồ help us enjoy our stay & get the most out of our visit khổng lồ the area. I would reccommkết thúc anyone visiting Ha Long Bay to stay at Monkey Isl& và we hope to lớn stay there again in the future.

The khách sạn is really fantastic. It is situated on the small islvà which has some monkey spieces which you can visit và feed. It provides, beach volleyball, football, billiards activities. Breakfast is a quite poor, since included in the room price, but lunch và dinner are really great (we paid 10$ for person).

Poor breakfast, missing hot water sometimes.

It was nice lớn be out of the busy streets of Vietphái nam và had nice scenery.

There was nothing to bởi vì, I wouldn"t book more than 2 days there unless you want a beach holiday.

Nice Hotel Guide, good service.

Parts under construction, loud construction noise in the morning, view was affected by it.

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1/ no mạng internet as mentionned in ur website 2/ AC did not work 3/ TV did not work 4/ food was so so & breakfast is a joke (no juice, no fruits) 4/ rooms are very dirty và notoàn thân cleaned my room after the 1st night...5/ beach is dirty also because they dont clean the drinks from customers... This resort doesnt worth $90 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very very upphối about your offer because the reality was totally different.......

The location is great

The food is expensive and bad ! The prices are high & value for money is terrible The rooms are not clean bởi vì not stay there

We came lớn the resort on Xmas day (Dec 24th) & spent one excellent night there. The manager arranged a very big các buổi tiệc nhỏ to calibrate Xmas 2011. The buổi tiệc nhỏ started at 9h00 pm & finished at 12h00. There were about 30 persons enjoy the tiệc nhỏ (maybe more, I didn’t rethành viên exactly). We were very happy & enjoyed a memorable night there. We danced together, cheered and quý phái the Xmas songs. The resort was very nice at night. The staffs were kindly & polite. The served us in a professional way. We were không lấy phí khổng lồ enjoy the Xmas night there (we were very surprised & happy because most khách sạn, normally will charge amount of money for that). The các buổi tiệc nhỏ included something lượt thích in EU’s Xmas party: roasted goose, champagne, fruit, chocolate, tea, beer….. We thought we were staying in the Europe. The resort placed a good location, far away from Cat Ba town where are very busy và crowded. The bungalows are beautiful with Vietnam traditional style. We và stayed at deluxe cộ garden view. It was clean & decorated with Xmas issues made me feel lượt thích living at home. Finally, we had a perfect trip at Monkey Islvà Resort. I love sầu the resort & love sầu the staffs there. If I have sầu chance, I will come back