Hoi An is an attractive tourist destination in Vietnam for domestic and international visitors. Hoi An is the place where you can immerse yourself in the traditional culture while walking in the old town và seeing the hundreds of years old houses shimmering in legend under colorful lanterns. The ancient town is only about 30 km from da Nang, so it’s relatively easy lớn travel from da Nang lớn Hoi An.

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We have listed all the main modes of transport that can be used for traveling between these cities so you could choose the best way lớn travel from domain authority Nang to Hoi An and vice versa.

1. Public Bus from domain authority Nang to lớn Hoi An

The cheapest way for getting from da Nang khổng lồ Hoi An is taking the direct public bus No. 1 from da Nang Bus Station lớn Hoi An Bus Station. The ticket can be easily purchased on board the bus. The bus fare from domain authority Nang lớn Hoi An is 18,000 VND per passenger. However, expect lớn be overcharged và pay the tourist price which is 20,000 - 30,000 VND per person.

Public Bus from da Nang to Hoi An

There are several things you should consider carefully before choosing lớn travel by a public bus. Even if it"s the most budget-friendly option, the journey from domain authority Nang to Hoi An by bus can be long and take about 80 minutes. The public bus only stops at fixed locations so you may have khổng lồ take a taxi to lớn get lớn your hotel. In addition, normally there are many people on the bus & it gets too crowded so taking a public bus is not suitable for tourists who want to lớn have private space.

If you are arriving at Da Nang Airport, taking a public bus khổng lồ Hoi An will be even less convenient because the nearest bus stop is about 3 km away. From the airport you will need to take taxi to the bus stop or walk for about 40 minutes. The same awaits when coming to Hoi An as the bus station is located about 1.7 km away from the center of Hoi An Ancient Town, so you need khổng lồ walk for another đôi mươi minutes or take a xe taxi / motorbike from there. It can be really inconvenient if you have heavy luggage, but this option works well for backpackers.

However, if you are taking a train to Da Nang Railway Station, there is a bus stop close to lớn the station. The bus stop is found at 162 Ong Ich Khiem, less than 10-minute walk from the railway station.

Public Bus from domain authority Nang to Hoi An

Bus Ticket Price

Public bus ticket price is 18,000-30,000 VND per person (as a tourist, expect khổng lồ pay 30,000 VND)

Bus Operating Hours

Public bus between domain authority Nang and Hoi An is operating daily, from 5:30 to 18:00.

The scheduled frequency of the public bus No. 1 is every trăng tròn minutes. However, it depends on the season (expect the bus to lớn operate less frequently during the low season).

Expected bus travel time between two cities is 70-80 minutes.

Da Nang - Hoi An Bus Route

From domain authority Nang to Hoi An: Central Bus Station in domain authority Nang - Ton Duc Thang - Dien Bien Phu - Le Duan - Tran Phu - Trung Nu Vuong - Nui Thanh - Nguyen Van Troi Bridge - Ngu hanh Son - Le Van Hien - Hoi An Bus Station

From Hoi An to da Nang: Hoi An Bus Station - Le Van Hien - Ngu hanh hao Son - Nguyen Van Troi Bridge - Bach Dang - Phan Dinh Phung - Yen Bai - Le Duan - Dien Bien Phu - Ton Duc Thang - Central Bus Station in da Nang

Da Nang Bus Station: 36 Xuan Dieu, Thuan Phuoc, nhì Chau, domain authority Nang City

Hoi An Bus Station: Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Phuong Cam Pho, Hoi An City

A tip for our readers, on the way from da Nang to lớn Hoi An, the bus passes by Marble Mountains (Ngu khô nóng Son), so you can stop there for 1-3 hours và then continue your trip by catching another bus to lớn Hoi An.

2. Shuttle Bus from domain authority Nang to lớn Hoi An

Many companies provide shuttle bus service from domain authority Nang lớn Hoi An. Travelling by a shuttle bus from da Nang to Hoi An is reasonably priced & faster way, especially when you go with a big group & don’t want lớn waste your time. However, when transferring by a shuttle bus, you can’t stop on the way lớn visit famous places, such as Marble Mountains, rồng Bridge, and My Khe Beach.

Shuttle Bus

Da Nang - Hoi An Shuttle Bus Ticket Price

Shuttle bus ticket price for a one-way trip from da Nang lớn Hoi An và vice versa is 140,000 VND per person.

Convenient transfers between da Nang & Hoi An can be booked online cheaper here: Shared Shuttle Bus Transfers.

Da Nang - Hoi An Shuttle Bus Schedule

From da Nang Airport to lớn Hoi An: 5:00-23:00

From Hoi An to domain authority Nang Airport: 4:00-22:00

From domain authority Nang Cham Museum lớn Hoi An: 5:15-23:15

Da Nang - Hoi An Shuttle Bus Route

Da Nang Airport to/from Hoi An: Domestic Airport (Terminal 1) – Nguyen Van Linh street – domain authority Nang Cham Museum (Entrance Gate) – My Khe Beach – An Bang Beach – Cua dai Beach – Hotels in Hoi An Center – 30 Tran Hung Dao street

Da Nang Cham Museum to/from Hoi An: domain authority Nang Cham Museum (Entrance Gate) – My Khe Beach – An Bang Beach – Cua dai Beach – Hotels in Hoi An Center – 30 Tran Hung Dao street

3. Taxi from domain authority Nang khổng lồ Hoi An

Taxi is the most popular option, which is chosen by many people, as taxis are generally always available at da Nang city center or domain authority Nang Airport during the day. There is no prior arrangement needed, you just tell your destination address to lớn the driver & he takes you there.

Taxi is also a faster way to travel from domain authority Nang to lớn Hoi An as the journey takes about 30-45 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

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However, taxi fare from domain authority Nang khổng lồ Hoi An is relatively high. Not everyone knows that taxi service in da Nang is the most expensive in the country. Domain authority Nang xe taxi fare is quite high if compared to lớn other cities as xe taxi meter price is about 15,000 VND/km for 4-seat cars & 16,000 VND/km for 7-seat cars. As the distance from domain authority Nang thành phố Center to lớn Hoi An is about 30 km, xe taxi fare should be about 350,000 - 450,000 VND for one way journey.

There are also xe taxi scams you should be wary of, so please refer khổng lồ the reliable xe taxi company.

Reputable taxi companies in da Nang:

taxi Mai Linh da Nang xe taxi Han River taxi Tien Sa domain authority Nang taxi VinaSun Danang

Reputable xe taxi companies in Hoi An:

xe taxi Mai Linh Hoi An taxi Hoi An xe taxi Faifo Hoi An

There are more special types of taxis such as Grab or nội dung taxi available. The quality of service is guaranteed, but the cancellation rate is relatively high so you might have lớn wait long khổng lồ catch this type of taxi.

4. Private Transfer from domain authority Nang lớn Hoi An

If you want a hassle-free experience for getting to your destination, just book a private transfer. Using a private transfer from da Nang to lớn Hoi An is the best way khổng lồ travel for people who want convenience and private space. With a private transfer, you don’t have to worry about anything. You just give the pickup address, this can be the airport or your hotel in da Nang City, & a oto will be sent to lớn you at the specified time. The driver will normally be able khổng lồ speak at least some English and will help you with everything on the way.

The price of a private transfer is varying và depends on how big the oto is. For a one-way private transfer from the center of da Nang lớn Hoi An or vice versa by a 4-seat car expect khổng lồ pay only from 260,000 - 320,000 VND, which is cheaper than taking a taxi.

We have used private transfers between these cities several times & we have always found them to be the best value for money deal, especially when booking online. Private transfer from da Nang to lớn Hoi An can be simply booked here: Private Transfers between da Nang and Hoi An.

5. From domain authority Nang khổng lồ Hoi An By Rented Car

You can rent a car và drive from domain authority Nang to lớn Hoi An by yourself. However, if you vày not know how to drive or are not familiar with the area, renting a car with a driver is the ideal choice. Additionally, you can arrange with the driver lớn visit some of the places for sightseeing along the way such as My Khe Beach, Marble Mountains, Ling Ung Pagoda, and Thanh Ha Pottery Village.

The price of oto rental normally starts from 850,000 khổng lồ 1,000,000 VND, depending on the number of seats. For solo travellers, this might be a high price, but for groups & families renting a oto in Vietnam is really affordable. You can book a private oto charter online & freely explore Hoi An and Da Nang.

6. From da Nang to lớn Hoi An By Motorbike

If you are an adventurous person & feel lack of freedom when traveling by a oto or taxi, then this option will be perfect for you. Motorbike is the most popular mean of transportation that is chosen by many local people when traveling in Vietnam. Traveling from da Nang lớn Hoi An by motorbike is really a good idea for travelers who love lớn discover areas & manage their trip by themselves. You will have an opportunity khổng lồ explore various tourist destinations along the way.

The road from domain authority Nang to Hoi An is quite smooth & it only takes about 45-50 minutes khổng lồ drive. This option is only good if you are an experienced motorbike driver. However, we wouldn’t recommend taking a risk if you are not a skilled driver.

The motorbike rental price in domain authority Nang is from 80,000 to lớn 200,000 VND per day, depending on the type of motorbike và where you rent it. To rent a motorbike, you have to prepare some identification documents such as passport, driver"s license, deposit (about 500,000 VND).

Route from da Nang khổng lồ Hoi An

There are 4 routes from domain authority Nang to lớn Hoi An for you to choose from when traveling independently:

Route 1 (29 km): Follow Truong Sa street lớn Vo Nguyen Giap / Lac Long quan liêu street and turn to Hoi An Ancient Town.

Route 2 (28 km): Follow Vo chi Cong street to Vo Nguyen Giap / Lac Long quan lại street và turn lớn Hoi An Ancient Town.

Route 3 (27 km): Take the Highway 1A lớn the south for about 27 km lớn Vinh Dien street, turn left to lớn Huynh Thuc Khang street, & go straight to lớn Hoi An Ancient Town.

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Route 4 (30 km): Follow Le Van Hien street & go straight via domain authority Nang - Hoi An provincial road to Hoi An Ancient Town.