Bà Nà Hills French Village

Nestled in the midst of a primeval forest, Bà Nà Hills French Village offers a world-class destination high in the mountains of Da Nang, Vietnam giới. Representing the apex of French culture and architecture, the quaint village of Bà Nà Hills was dreamed up by the master storytellers at Falcon’s Creative sầu Group.

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Falcon’s was tasked with transporting visitors bachồng to the medieval era và creating a village rooted in historical fact while integrating fine dining, shopping, & live sầu entertainment in ways that seemed natural khổng lồ the story. The French Village required cohesion with the Bà Nà Hills resort experience, which also includes the largest indoor entertainment center in Vietnam giới và the longest single rope cable oto run in the world.

The design team spun an intricate tale to drive the space’s creative sầu vision, incorporating a blkết thúc of real characters, maps of historical travel routes, và even detailed timelines. The storyline was rigorously researched for historical verathành phố, khổng lồ that special point where reality & fantasy blkết thúc into one amazing, immersive sầu experience.

Falcon’s Creative sầu Group structured the destination’s creative sầu logic: seven distinct sections to lớn reflect seven eras of French culture, from Gothic cathedrals to pastoral villas. Further, the team defined the expansive facility’s multipurpose functionality for lodging, dining, retail, và entertainment. The resulting master plan depicted a fascinating cultural foundation with thematic consideration of optimal guest flow & operations infrastructure.

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November 16, 2016
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