How much are tickets for ba na hills? what's


Over trăng tròn km from Danang đô thị center, at the height of 1487 met from the sea level, Sun World bố Na Hills has coined the “heaven on earth” due to its otherworldly natural landscape và spectacular climate.

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If you are planning to lớn visit Bana Hills, you need to purchase Bana Hills entrance tickets. The ticket price includes various attractions và services.

How long is the tía Na Hills cable car?

At present (2020) Bana Hills has been recorded as the longest cable car in the world with a total length of 5,04 km.Besides that, the cha Na Hills cable car in domain authority Nang has set many records:

The longest single-cable cable oto system with a length of 5,7 km.The cable oto line has the largest difference between the lower và upper stations with a distance of ~1,3 km.The cable oto route has the most extended length of an unconnected cable with a length of 11,5 km.The cable oto has the heaviest cable reel in the world with 141 tons.

How long does it take to go on Bana Hills Cable Car?

The duration is about 20-25 minutes to move from the lower station (Suoi Mo station) to Marseille Station (Next to lớn the Golden Bridge)

You are planning to lớn Bana Hills from Hoi An or Danang, but it seems Expensive Entrance ticket to lớn Bana Hills? và you change your plan? I think the Bana Hills ticket is cheaper than you get.

The price of ba Na hill ticket for tourists is 900,000 VND (update in April 2023) visitors can admire “the road to the fairy scene”, a miniature Europe in the heart of central Vietnam, not the need to go to lớn the triệu euro to see the old village, come here và enjoy the cool climate, French village, it is really lovely to experience. In addition, you also visit the Wine Cellar of the French, check in the Tulip flower gardens that you see on television, or walk through Golden Bridge in the middle of the cloudy sky.

Things lớn do và see in Bana hills:

Walk to the peak of Chua Mountain và discover cha Na Hills – the way to lớn heavenTake pics with a nice scene of mountain ranges, seas of clouds, Mơ waterfalls from the cable carExplore other magical attractions: Le Jardin Garden, Linh Ung Pagoda, và tea corner,…Cable Car: The entrance ticket includes a round trip on the famous Bana Hills cable car. This is one of the main attractions of Bana Hills, & you will enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forests.Try advantage games for all ages in Fantasy Park, Alpine Coaster, & Jura park: The ticket also includes access to Fantasy Park, which is an indoor amusement park located on the đứng top of the hill. You will find various rides and games suitable for all ages.Check-in Golden Bridge: You will have the opportunity to lớn walk on the famous Golden Bridge, which is a stunning architectural masterpiece that has become an iconic attraction of Bana Hills.

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Explore its French Village, and marvel at the architectural work of the French: Bana Hills entrance ticket includes a visit lớn the French Village, which is a replica of a medieval French town. You can stroll around the village, take pictures, and enjoy the atmosphere.Wax Museum: You can also visit the Wax Museum, which is home to various wax figures of famous celebrities and historical figures.Explore Gardens & Temples: The entrance ticket includes access khổng lồ various gardens & temples located on Bana Hills. You can explore the beautiful gardens, take pictures, và learn about the local culture và traditions.

What are the ticket fares of cha Na Hills
– Sun World?

Tickets in Bana hillsUpdate 1 Apr 2023AdultChildren (1.1 – 1.4 met tall)Baby (
Bana hills ticket900.000750.000Free
Danang people600.000500.000Free
Bana Hills ticket + buffet lunch1.190.000910.000Free
Korean/ East Asian Buffet245.000125.000Free
Beer Plaza Buffet250.000125.000Free
Wax Museum Ticket100.000FreeFree


Children who stand over 1.4 m are subject lớn a grown-up ticket.Children below 1m in height are exempt from ticket fare.

Ticket for Danang people

You also see a Vietnamese buy ticket for only 600.000 vnd, remember that they are Danang people và Bana hills – they have a special khuyến mãi for them; the rest of the VNese people can buy at that price.When you travel with the Danang people, what are personal documents required for Danang local visitors lớn be let through?

For adults: ID card, passport, or household certificate enclosed with a photo-tagged document such as a driver’s license.For children: Children with birth certificates must be enclosed with ID cards of their escort parents, or with photo-tagged student cards, household certificates, or passports.

What is included in 900.000 vnd for the Bana Hill ticket?

Fares include entry tickets to the complex: Golden Bridge, Fantasy Park, Linh Ung Pagoda, Nui Chua Temple, Flower Garden, wine cellar, Noel Square, tea Corner, church…Fares include most games in Fantasy Park: 105 games & the Legendary Knight (tube slide); Hiking train lớn Debay Wine Cellar and entry to lớn Le Jardin D’Amour gardens.Exclude entry to the Wax Museum: VND 100,000/adult, Teddy bear grips, & Fantasy Park indoor sports.Fares include tax 10% of VAT

In conclusion, a Bana Hills entrance ticket is a great value for money, as it includes various attractions and services. Make sure khổng lồ purchase your ticket in advance to lớn avoid long queues và enjoy your visit khổng lồ Bana Hills khổng lồ the fullest.

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How can I buy a
Bana Hills ticket?

Hura Cars also offer private transfer from Danang or Hoi An to lớn Golden Bridge – Bana hills and back. You can see our offer here: Discover Golden Bridge, Bana hills trip from Danang/ Hoian

Or you can find more information “how to go to Bana hill” in our pre-article


With an altitude of 1500 met from the sea level, the weather in Bana hills is cool all year round with a temperature of 16 – 22COne of the most interesting things in Bana Hills is you can feel 4 seasons in a day: spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon, & winter in the evening. If you want to lớn avoid the crowned in the morning, you can stay overnight in the Bana hills & have more space for yourself. Ex: selfie in Golden Bridge, relaxing in the pagoda…The best time lớn visit Bana Hills to lớn avoid the crowd is in the early morning, around 7:30 ( same as their opening time). From April – to lớn September is the low season but it is the peak of the domestic season so if you don’t waste more time on the long queue, you can start from Hoi An at 6h30 or domain authority Nang from 7h00Or if you want to find a private space, you can visit Bana Hills on the day of mid-week or winter period from October to lớn Feb.

Some notes when ba Na Hills cable car: 

Bana Hills cable car operation time operates from 7:30 khổng lồ 21:30 every day. But it í cut off 45 mins each after 17h00 – 21h30You have lớn queue for a long time if you don’t buy tickets in advance. For taxi customers, you should book through the ứng dụng instead of directly with the driver, you won’t pay extra for them. Visitors using a wheelchair can carry to a Cable car, but the vehicle must be wrapped lớn move on the cable oto easily.No need khổng lồ book a tour in a group or small group, the local guide limits your time and the tour guide don’t follow your the whole trip. You can use the bản đồ in this article lớn go around.Bana Hills is very cool & windy at the peak, you should prepare a light jacket for your kids
Golden Bridge in tía Na Hills