Monkey Island is a big island along with nearly 400 islands of Cat tía archipelago. With beautiful unspoiled natural scenery, Monkey Island as known as cat Dua island has become a famous destination in Ha Lan Bay.

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Monkey Island is about 1 km away from Cat tía town. Tourists often take a boat from Beo harbor, which takes about 10 minutes to go through Cai Beo fishing village and other small islands, lớn reach Monkey Island. This is a mountain - island with sandy beaches created from sand, rocks, corals, shells for millions years.


Monkey on the island

It has the name “Cat Dua” because there are a lot of tall wild pineapple trees in the island (“Dua” is meaning pineapple in Vietnamese), the pineapples look very delicious but cannot eat. The villagers often soak it to drink or dry as a medicine khổng lồ treat diabetes. This island is also a good place to swim with clear xanh water and coral white sand. There are over trăng tròn monkeys on the island, this is the reason why it is called as Monkey island. The monkeys are very brave because they tương tác with tourists for many times. They eat & play around the areas which have many tourists, the monkeys even robs food from the careless tourists.

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Monkey Island has 2 beaches: mèo Dua 1 beach and Cat Dua 2 beach. Cat Dua 1 beach is longer và the water here is very clear and extremely blue. Tourists can lean on the sandy beach, enjoy drinks, ice cream, etc. With some other services such as: renting swimming clothes, floats, kayaks, etc. Mèo Dua 2 beach is located on the right, behind a tiger-shaped cliff. Near cat Dua 2 beach, there is a large garden with variety trees such as: maple, sapling, táo bị cắn , etc. Và many different types of birds.


Monkey Island Beach

In Monkey island, tourists who lượt thích adventure can climb up the mountain to zoom out lớn see the whole scene of Lan Ha bay with hundreds of large và small islands on the sea, the blue water with trắng sandy beaches is far away from the eye. Along with unspoiled beach, tourists often come here lớn rest, visit and swim.

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Every year, Monkey Island welcomes many visitors. Many foreign tourists come here khổng lồ admire the scenery & peaceful atmosphere at Monkey Island, which is very suitable for ecotourism development.