Cham Islands: A Must


Cham Island (Cu Lao Cham) is located 15km from Cua dai Beach, trăng tròn km lớn the east from Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam, Vietnam), & 50km from da Nang City, Vietnam. The name of Cham Island relates to the history of the Cham people living here, so it’s called Cham Island. The island had been a commercial port and large fishing grounds since the 15th century. It also belonged to on the Silk Road, internationalspecies và ceramics.

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Cu Lao Cham consists of 8 islands: Hon Lao, Hon Dai, Hon Mo, Hon Kho Me, Hon Kho Con, Hon La, Hon Tai & Hon Ong. The population on these islands consists of about 3,000 people.


Travel khổng lồ Cham Island (Cu Lao Cham) is a journey to lớn discover the most beautiful island of Hoi An, Quang phái mạnh Province, Vietnam. Tourists can live with sea and enjoy quiet trắng sandy beaches of Bai Dang, Bai Ong, Bai Chong, và Bai Huong, & do many activities such as snorkeling, watching coral reef, or visiting nhì Tang Pagoda, 200-year Ancient Well, and Lang Yen Communal House. would like to giới thiệu the valuable information from our experiences at Cham Island. You will find out the guides khổng lồ visit Cham Island in this article. 1. Best time to explore Cham Island2. Reasons I like Cham Island3. How khổng lồ get to the island4. Local food lớn taste in Cu Lao Cham5. Accommodations in the island6. Popular places khổng lồ visit in Cham Island7. Fee to lớn visit Cham Island8. Local gift to buy9. A suggested tour to lớn visit Cham Island

We are proud that this article covers most of the useful information which the others cannot do. It’s because we are the local people living in Hoi An và organizing many tours to explore the Cham Islands. Our team believes that with our local knowledge to every corner of Cu Lao Cham will help you feel confident lớn visit Cham Island. Don’t let you wait longer; let’s start to read about Cham Island!

Cu Lao Cham Island – Photo:

1. The best time khổng lồ visit Cham Island

Cham Island (Cu Lao Cham), as well as other parts of Central Vietnam, has two seasons of rain & dryness. Due to the impact of global climate change, the rainfall is very little, & some small storms often affect the island. If you want to make sure your trip better, you should check the weather forecast before booking your journeys khổng lồ Cham Island.

The best time khổng lồ visit Cham Island is from March khổng lồ September. You should know that if you travel lớn the island for diving and swimming, come khổng lồ Cu Lao Cham since the end of April. In March or the beginning of April, the water still a little cold và sometimes get big waves to bởi vì some activities in the sea. The most beautiful place for swimming và diving in Cu Lao Cham is Hon Dai và Bai Xep.

Hon Dai & Bai Xep Cu Lao Cham Map

2. Reasons which I like Cham Island

Cham Island always brings satisfaction to most tourists when coming here. Check top things I lượt thích when visiting this island.

The fresh environment of nature: Cu Lao Cham has clean air, good security. Lots of trees và hills, coral reefs are preserved lớn preserve rare coral varieties và to develop the local tourism industry.Friendly fishermen: You will meet a lot of friendly & open-minded people. They will welcome you as their relatives. Sometimes you see a stranger greeting, smiling, or quickly talking khổng lồ you.Fresh seafood: Cham Island is an excellent place to lớn taste fresh seafood. Most of the people are fishermen, so you can find a lot of fresh seafood just coming from the sea, and many crabs or fishes still alive at the markets or local restaurants.No plastic bags: Cu Lao Cham does not use plastic bags. The local people support this activity strongly to lớn protect the environment of the island, & the tourists should lưu ý this.

Now is your turn to lớn explore Cham Island và share it more with us và your friends.

Visiting Cham Island. Photo:

3. How to travel to Cham Island?

Many years ago, when tourism was underdeveloped, Cu Lao Cham was a pristine island with the local people mainly on fishing. And, the only transportation was a wooden boat (Tau cho) moving from the mainland to lớn island và vice versa, one trip per day. The wooden ships bring all necessities and people to the island.

In 2009, when Cu Lao Cham was recognized as the World Biosphere Area, visitors started coming to lớn Cu Lao Cham Hoi An. And, the high-speed canoes have served. This mean fixes the needs of tourists for sightseeing, traveling, diving, watching coral, participating in fishing tours.

Nowadays, most of the main transportation of the local people khổng lồ go to lớn Cham Island as well as going from many islands of Cu Lao Cham is the water-based equipment such as:

High-speed canoesWooden boatsThe wooden fishing boatsRound bamboo boatsMotorbikes on the land on the island.

In addition, if you want lớn visit around the island, you can choose a motorbike (the local in the island have motorcycles for 150,000 – 200,000 VND/day. And, the cost of gas depends on tourists). Before visiting the island, visitors should chú ý that many vertical slopes & rough roads are difficult lớn travel on the island; they need to kiểm tra the brake system. And, it is especially noteworthy to lớn wear a helmet when riding a motorbike.

Besides, if you want khổng lồ join a group to lớn admire the hidden beauty of Cu Lao Cham Island, you can rent a wooden boat or a high-speed canoe (if your budget is allowed) khổng lồ move quickly and safely.

4. What are the local food in Cham Island?

The team of Vietnam shares with you some experiences khổng lồ taste some local food in Cham Island, which is a highlight of your journey to lớn this island. Many specialties of the sea & mountains in the islands might attract you because of unique flavor.

Scallop and Vu Nang – Photo:

Vu Nang (Her Breast)

This food is a famous specialty of the Central Coast of Vietnam, especially in Cham Island. You should go to Cu Lao Cham Island on the full moon days lớn enjoy Vu Nang. It’s because, on the full moon days, there is more Vu Nang, so the fishermen catch it easier. Its name Vu Nang (her breast) makes many tourists curious.

Vu Nang is a kind of sea snail with its shell like a cone, or like a breast of a girl. Typically, its body has a light yellow and blue color, but every time a person touches it by hands, it turns to the pink color, like a shy girl.

The number of snail species is tiny. To catch them, the fishermen have to lớn soak in the sea for hours, use a sharp knife lớn take each snail from the stone. Vu Nang, then, can be processed into many dishes such as boiling, baking, or cooking as a soup. Each dish has a different flavor.

Cua domain authority (Rock crabs)

The rock crabs are not very big with very impressive color. Their carapaces và legs have purple-brown color, và the abdomen is yellow. The rock crabs are very strong, run fast, và often only head out of the cave to find food when night falls. That’s the time when the islanders hunt the crabs. If a crab hunter sees ten crabs, catching 4 or 5 ones is a good job.

The features of rock crabs are running fast, climbing sharply, & just eating vegetable; this makes the meat of crabs fragrant & tougher. Evenly, the crab-flavored boiled broth is very lightly sweet & good lớn taste. According khổng lồ the experience of the people on the island, there are some good ways to cook rock crabs:

It’s better to steam rock crabs with lemongrass and ginger; this can keep the original flavor of the crabs.Steam them with beer makes crab flavor special.Roast them with tamarind & salt.Grill them on chart coals (without any things) creates the very good smell.

Dry squid

The local people choose fresh squids from the sea và dry them in the strong sunshine only one day. Squids become a little crispy dry but still, keep the sweetness and freshness. The only dish from dry squids is to grill on the charcoal, and when they change into light yellow, it’s ready lớn taste them with chili sauce & beer.

Scallop with spring oil & onion

Scallop with oil và onion in Cham Island have a quality flavor when tasting. This food is a favorite dish of many diners when coming to Cu Lao Cham. Scallops have trắng meat, lightly sweet taste, not very tough. Eaters enjoy the taste of the scallops with the excellent smell of roasted peanuts, the fragrance of spring onion and sweet & sour sauce.

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Coming khổng lồ Cham Island, enjoying the fresh abalone that has just caught from the sea is lovely. Abalone is one of the extremely rare snails, known for many names such as hole snails (due to lớn many holes) or sea ears (due khổng lồ the shape of an ear).

Very fresh abalones – Photo:

Abalones often cling khổng lồ coral reefs in high salinity, so it is difficult khổng lồ find them. Khổng lồ catch abalones, experienced fishers must dive deeply into the sea, and use a knife khổng lồ separate them from the rocks or corals. Many guests lượt thích to taste them when visiting Cham Island.

How to lớn cook abalones in Cham Island: The chef washes them carefully with fresh or sea water. They can grill them with oil và onion like cooking scallops, or just steam them with lemongrass. When tasting them, they use more lemon và chili.

Sea fishes grilled in silver paper

With many delicious dishes made from sea fishes, the most delicious and most popular is still the fished grilled in the silver paper in Cham Island. And, many restaurants can serve you this dish when visiting the island. When raping khổng lồ grill the fish in the silver paper, its meat becomes very white & sweet. Combining with the spicies, sea fishes grilled of Cham Island make guests love to lớn taste its flavor.

Banh La tua (little cakes)

Banh La tua is the dessert that we lượt thích best when visiting Cu Lao Cham, which you also can find in the danh mục of local food of the island. To make these little cakes, the people in Cham Island have to pick up la tua (the thorny leaves) in the forest khổng lồ grind them with sticky rice, so the little cakes here have a delicious flavor. Inside of the cakes made of mung bean mixed with coconut helps them more fragrant.

Vegetable from the forest

Coming to lớn Cu Lao Cham, many guests try khổng lồ taste vegetables from the wood. It seems the mixed plant is collected from the jungle of the island. Many kinds of vegetable combining create a different taste, which is hard to find somewhere else. The simple dish is lớn steam forest vegetables to taste them with fish sauce.

Swallow nests

Bird’s nest is not beautiful, singing is not good, but it produces a very rare food, that’s bird’s nest. Swallow birds use their saliva to lớn build nests. New saliva coming out from the mouths of birds has a trắng color. But, it quickly becomes the dark white màu sắc because of the wind & normal temperature. Swallow nests are of high-quality food with high nutritional content. 1 kg of swallow nest in Cham Island costs up to 3,000USD. It’s because it is expensive. When tourists want khổng lồ taste it, they have to book in advance lớn prepare this food.

5. Where lớn stay at Cham Island?

There are no big hotels in Cham Island, so you stay at the accommodations of homestays. This also makes your trip exciting và good chance to explore the local life on the island.

Many people just vị one day tour khổng lồ Cham Island, they book hotels in Hoi An or resorts in domain authority Nang City. This choice is for who does not lượt thích to spend a night in Cham Island.

Camping in Cu Lao Cham Island – Photo:
supercagsTo make sure the room is available; you should book at least 15 days before you visit Cu Lao Cham.The price of homestay services ranges from 150,000 VND – 200,000 VND/person or 400,000 VND/2 person room.Most of the Homestay in Cham Island serves free breakfast, và often charge the room rates including taxes and service charges of about 5-10%.Most accommodations of homestays are concentrated mainly in Bai Lang, Bai Ong, and Bai Huong of the island.

We range the system of Homestay in Cham Island with specific areas và standards so that you can tương tác to book them easily and quickly. There are not many homestays in Cu Lao Cham; we just want to lớn introduce some famous homestay which is an ok and good standard and loved by many guests visiting the island.

Travelers can tương tác some homestay addresses as below:

These homestays not only provide accommodations but also supply khổng lồ visitors other services such as catering services, laundry, oto rental, tour guide, boat rental, và diving coral. People here are gentle, friendly, & very helpful. Although there are many services khổng lồ choose at homestays, recommends you khổng lồ book the services of diving or guiding from professional companies to lớn get safer và better experience.

Also, if you want a separate space, & live with immense nature, you can choose for staying at a tent. Rental price of one tent is from 150,000 VND khổng lồ 200,000 VND per night.

6. Tourist sites lớn visit in Cu Lao Cham

Bai Huong (Huong Beach) in Cham Island – Photo:

Attractions that you should visit when visiting Cham Island are:

Cham Island MuseumChampa Ancient WellThe cave of Swallow birds (Hang Yen)Seafood MarketHai Tang PagodaFishery Village AreaYen Village Communal HouseAu Thuyen (boat parking)

Tips: Rent a motorbike khổng lồ visit around the island, rent a canoe to visit the islands, and hire a wooden boat to lớn go fishing.

7. Ticket price for visiting Cham Island

You should know some information about the ticket price to visit Cham Island khổng lồ plan your budget.

High-speed Canoe ticket: 450,000 VND /2-way to lớn pick up passengers at the port (not including meals or sightseeing fee)Environmental conservation cost: 90,000 VND/guestCost khổng lồ enter the island: 30,000 VND/guestCleaning cost: 20,000 VND/guest.

=> Total fee when entering the island (not include transfer): 140,000VND/guest.

8. What lớn buy as a gift when visiting the island?

Cu Lao Cham has beautiful beaches, coral reefs, friendly peoples, many unique local dishes, gifts for relatives & friends, or for tasting after visiting the islands:

Fresh seafood in Cham Island – Photo:
thanhthitnFresh seafood: This is just for Vietnamese travelers. They can buy different types of lobsters, rock crabs (the only specialty here), và many kinds of fish. The best place to lớn buy them at Cham Seafood Market.The hammock made of Ngo Dong tree (only available at Cu Lao Cham, you can order. After one month, you will receive a hand-made Ngo Dong Hammock. The price for a hammock is 2,500,000 VND – 3,500,000 VND.

9. A suggested tour to lớn visit Cham Island


Many tourists staying in Hoi An or domain authority Nang City, Vietnam, lượt thích to visit Cham Island. So, the local companies organize one day tour or 2 days 1-night tour khổng lồ explore this fantastic island. would lượt thích to introduce you about the one-day tour because this is a popular tour lớn Cham Island.

7:30 am pick-up: the oto will pick the guests up at the hotels in da Nang đô thị if the guests join the Cham Island tour from da Nang City.8:00 – 8:30 am pick-up: The oto welcomes guests from hotels if the guests stay at hotels in Hoi An City.The cars take you to lớn Cua dẻo tourist harbor lớn go on a boat khổng lồ prepare for departure khổng lồ visit Cu Lao Cham tour.08:45 am: High-speed canoes take 15- 20 minutes to lớn run to Cu Lao Cham to start exploring the beauty of a beautiful island.9:00 am – 11:00 am: Get on the island & visit Bai Lang, Cham Island Museum, Au Thuyen (boat parking), và Hai Tang Pagoda.11:00 am, the high-speed canoe drives you to take a bath & snorkeling khổng lồ watch coral và see the only marine creatures that are only available at Cham island.12:00 pm: Have lunch at the restaurant with seafood & local specialties.1:00 pm – 2:30 pm: Tourists are free to get sunbath, swimming, exploring the island.2:30 pm: Canoe transfers you back to the Cua dai Port of Hoi An City.The car will drive you to lớn the hotels. Kết thúc of a 1-day tour of Cu Lao Cham.

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Many local companies often organize the join group tour, especially for Vietnamese people. Thus, the chất lượng of trip và tour guides is different from the requests of foreigners. If you want a private tour to get more comfortable to lớn explore Cham Island, please mention your need when you book a tour. Or, you can tell to tư vấn this activity.

Vienamdrive spent a lot of time khổng lồ give you the best information about Cham Island and the ways to visit it. If you find this article helpful, please chia sẻ it. Or, if you have any ideas (even correct & update any information), please tell us by leaving your comments or thư điện tử to us. Thank you!