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The present study focuses on the occurrences of and within children's discourse as they begin to lớn describe the last sự kiện in the comic strip.

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When the comic strip continued to lớn show the same character until the kết thúc, the performance of the children in the three age groups was similar.

This 1972 comic strip is mild compared with examples of violence drawn more recently.

In the consecutive-display condition, the comic strip was in booklet format with one frame per page, whereas in the simultaneous-display condition, all frames were on the same page.

Another example from the comic strip is that of lead accumulators in cars, which are not prohibited in the directive on end-of-life vehicles.

It is an information brochure and a comic strip.

I fancy that his reference to lớn comic strip vulgarity was an apt mô tả tìm kiếm of his undistinguished part in the recent election chiến dịch.

I have the brochure here, and everyone can see that it is a comic strip and therefore fictional.

That inability to lớn see the world except in the terms of the most primitive comic strip is immensely dangerous.

The misadventures and misdirection of ordinary mail would provide enough agonising material for a comic strip series.

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Let us remember that we are talking about something infinitely below the newspaper comic strip.

I think "comic strip"is the right mô tả tìm kiếm for it, though"comic" should imply that something is funny and this strip never seems to lớn be; but that is by the way.

It is unfortunate that, whenever this subject comes up for discussion, it tends to lớn be treated something lượt thích a comic strip and to lớn evoke hilarity and amusement.

I regard it as being part of the fantasy of a comic strip world, but it should be read sánh that we know how others are thinking.

In the comic strip they engaged in dialogue in balloons in the standard comic strip format.



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