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One of Vietnam’s most frequented cities, Ho Chi Minh has undergone massive development throughout the years, with well-preserved Buddhist temples and colonial architecture coexisting with modern skyscrapers, shopping malls and recreational centres. Been wandering around the thành phố all day long and need a refreshing ending to tát your sweaty day? Treat yourself to tát a mát xa and recharge your batteries for the next adventure! Here are best 10 spas you can find around town for your ultimate relaxation.

The best spas in Ho Chi Minh City offer visitors a much-needed pampering session after a day of sightseeing. While most hotels in the thành phố have award-winning spas, you’ll find that standalone centers are equally impressive as most come with unique features, such as fitness classes, hairstyling, and game rooms. They offer an extensive range of holistic facials, traditional massages and toàn thân treatments, as well as professional wellness experts with years of experience. Here are our top 10 spas in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Cat Moc Spa

best spas in ho chi minh thành phố
Cat Moc Spa is one of the top spas in Saigon Instagram: @danidhana

This place is one of the top spas in Saigon. Located on Tran Dinh Xu, a street off the main roads in District 1, it is very easy to tát find. The area is well-decorated with calming lights, natural melodies and delicate aroma scents that blend with the air flowing through the Vietnamese architecture, bringing you peace from the very first moment you step in. They provide you many choices including Swedish massages, Traditional Thai massages, Hot Stone massages, Vietnamese herbal relaxing massages, facial/body skincare and other beauty services. Our recommended package? The 75-minute long Hot stone therapy is ideal when you need a total relaxation. Otherwise, 30-minute long foot care session after a whole day of walking exploration of the thành phố should be great. And just a small note, you should make a reservation if you’re going with a group of more phàn nàn 2 people.

Miu Miu Spa

best 10 spas in ho chi minh thành phố
The modern Asian-style architecture of Miumiu Spa will melt your tension Instagram: @myevalution

Miumiu has five spas in Saigon, all located in District 1, but the one on Ngo Duc Ke street is the most central one due to tát its golden location: right in front of the Tập Đoàn Bitexco Financial Tower and just 800 meters from Ben Thanh Market. The modern Asian-style architecture of Miu Miu Spa combined with the subtle decorative furniture and the tranquil ambiance of melodious music will melt your tension.

Besides the Vietnamese and Thai mát xa, Miu Miu also features the Shiatsu mát xa from nhật bản that focuses on using one’s fingertips instead of combining the elbow, knee, and clenched fingers during the mát xa. This treatment is believed to tát relieve stress, lower back pain, digestive discomfort, headaches and ví much more such as helping with fertility and reproductive issues. The fresh ginger essence mát xa is a favorite among patrons. The staff will provide you a hand-made antioxidant juice before services begin and a cup of Vietnamese tea after. And one last thing, credit cards are accepted and you need to tát book 24 hours ahead of time.

Temple Leaf Spa

best 10 spas in saigon
Temple Leaf Spa is decorated lượt thích a temple Instagram: @weeeannon

Once you walk in, you won’t want to tát leave. Like the other spas mentioned above, Temple Leaf Spa uses a signature aroma that encourages a relaxing state of mind and mood the moment you sit down to tát look at your mát xa options. In addition, this spa làm đẹp is decorated to tát look lượt thích a temple. From the vase of lotus marking the entrance of the spa làm đẹp to tát the Buddha head statue, these decorative items are why this spa làm đẹp is called the Temple Leaf.

If you focus on a relaxing mát xa, it won’t be too difficult to tát decide. If you choose a package, it includes beauty care services such as a clay mask and a toàn thân scrub using Thann’s natural beauty products. Thann is the number one luxury spa làm đẹp brand from Thailand and uses pure organic spa làm đẹp products extracted from vegetables, grains, and rice. The staff is also ví friendly and helpful which is a always plus.

Le Spa des Artistes Saigon

best 10 spas in ho chi minh cty
In Le Spa des Artistes Saigon, you can relax after a day in the thành phố Instagram: @hoteldesartssaigon

Le Spa des Artistes Saigon at Hotel des Arts Saigon MGallery Collection is a luxurious wellness center where you can relax after a day in the thành phố. Using premium beauty products and all-natural essential oils, it offers a wide range of traditional Asian and European-style treatments such as reflexology, herbal facials, massages, manicures and pedicures. Located on the third floor of this five-star khách sạn in Ho Chi Minh District 3, Le Spa des Artistes Saigon is fitted with six treatment rooms, a steam room, and Jacuzzi.

Couples can enjoy a private spa làm đẹp session in one of its two double-bed treatment rooms. This luxury spa làm đẹp in Saigon offers a range of wellness packages, most of which come with a combination of treatments, such as massages and herbal facials. The spa làm đẹp has special treatment believed to tát enhance blood circulation and relieve muscle stiffness or immobility, making it the perfect remedy if you’ve been exploring Ho Chi Minh City throughout the day and want to tát treat your tired muscles.

Le Grand Spa & Fitness Saigon

best 10 spas in ho chi minh thành phố
There are lots of services you can choose in Le Grand Spa Instagram: @kendleleitz

Le Grand Spa & Fitness Ho Chi Minh can be found inside the Grand Hotel Saigon, a prominent building on the shopping street of Dong Khoi. The interior design is stylish and relaxing and in this luxurious setting you can enjoy some of the best treatments given by well trained professionals.

Some of the services at Le Grand Spa & Fitness Saigon include Swedish massages, Hot Stone therapy for both toàn thân and feet, Foot and Scrub reflexology, Deep tissue mát xa and of course, manicures and pedicures. Besides offering spa làm đẹp services, Le Grand Spa & Fitness Saigon also has more amenities available to tát cater to tát all your health, fitness and relaxation needs. The extras that you can think of are; a state-of-the-art fitness centre, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Outdoor swimming pool, Steam bath and professional Hair Salon.

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Saigon Heritage Spa

top 10 spas in saigon
Saigon Heritage welcomes you with its cozy atmosphere, lovely staff for an amazing mát xa Instagram: @travolor_

Ranked number 1 on Tripadvisor among the best spas in Saigon, this can’t be recommended any higher. Just a few steps from the Saigon Opera House, this is such an ideal place to tát relax your toàn thân. Saigon Heritage welcomes you with its cozy atmosphere, lovely staff and a mysterious hallway that give you all the good signs for an amazing mát xa. This spa làm đẹp is very proud of their mát xa therapists who were trained very carefully before joining the line of in-service mát xa therapists.

They specialize in traditional mát xa & spa làm đẹp aroma oil from Vietnam & Thailand. Beauty services, lượt thích facial care, for example, are just the side services. The fascinating hot stones with the added fresh cucumber facial pack will give you the best experience ever. Afterward, a cup of blooming flower tea leaf from the mid provinces of Vietnam is a good way to tát revitalize your consciousness.

Moc Huong Spa

spas around saigon
Inside Moc Huong Spa - one of the best spas in Saigon Instagram: @mochuongspa9c

For one looking for the best spas in Saigon for a mát xa, Moc Huong should also be at the top of the list. Located on Ton Duc Thang street, district 1, for first-timers, it might be a little bit overwhelming because of their extensive thực đơn. They offer a wide range of treatments; from toàn thân mát xa, to tát foot treatments, pedicure and manicure, and facials. To make it easier for you, keep in mind the 90 minutes Moc Huong signature package: perfect amount of time, lots of interesting rubs and stretches.

This is also such an ideal place for busy people or those who play sports to tát take a break. They add express and sports mát xa with plenty of selections for you to tát pick and you can even ask the mát xa therapist to tát focus on a particular part: head, shoulders, legs, feet, hands,... or you can name them all. There are both male and female mát xa therapists for you to tát choose from and you can even get a mát xa with two therapists at a time. Afterward, you will be served a cup of cool tea and a plate full of candied ginger and lotus seeds.

Golden Lotus Spa

spas around saigon
The first family spa làm đẹp in Vietnam Instagram: @yukiduong

Golden Lotus is a Korean-style spa làm đẹp and also known as the first family spa làm đẹp in Vietnam. If you are traveling with your family, this shouldn’t be missed. You can bring the whole family for a Jjim Jil Bang (sauna room), for a Korean style experience. However, the Jjim Jil Bang is only available at Golden lotus spa làm đẹp at 139 Ton Nhat Tien street, district 7, which is a bit far from the thành phố center.

The Korean style spa làm đẹp treatment is fantastic but the mát xa services here are also great options and will undoubtedly satisfy you. You won’t have any problem figuring out which service to tát get since their thực đơn is ví simple and clear. They also have a restaurant here ví you can enjoy some food after your amazing mát xa.

Indochine Spa Saigon

The spa làm đẹp offers a wide range of treatments for those looking to tát unwind after a day of exploring Ho Chi Minh City, Instagram: @jieon_yun

Indochine Spa Saigon is a standalone spa làm đẹp centre that offers a wide range of pampering treatments for those looking to tát unwind after a day of exploring Ho Chi Minh City. Located in District 1, its experienced staff are fluent in languages such as Cantonese, French, English, Vietnamese and Japanese, while all of its French skincare products and mát xa oils are made of natural ingredients.

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Upon arrival, you are presented with herbal tea and scented towels before a therapist consults you on a treatment that best suits your needs. Indochine Spa Saigon’s spa làm đẹp thực đơn consists of toàn thân massages, scrubs, and facials, though the signature packages are inclusive of drinks, traditional Vietnamese snacks, a herbal foot scrub, a steam bath, and shower services.

Thann Sanctuary Spa

top spas in hcmc
The mát xa therapists at the Thanh Sanctuary Spa have certificates proving their knowledge and experience in massages Instagram: @dp_oat

Thann Sanctuary Spa is where you will get pampered and feel rejuvenated when you have been treated by one of their expert mát xa therapists. Located in the Pullman Saigon Centre, it has a wide range of treatments available and they specialise in the ví called ‘five senses’ therapy. This ensures that not only your physical toàn thân will be taken care of, but also your inner toàn thân and mental state will feel refreshed.

This spa làm đẹp makes use of its own products, created with the utmost care to tát restore your healthy balance and maintain well-being. All their products are based on natural ingredients and essential oils. The mát xa therapists at the Thanh Sanctuary Spa have certificates proving their knowledge and experience in massages, anatomy and aromatherapy. This combination will make sure your toàn thân and mind get that well-deserved relaxation.