Phu Quoc Island has long been famous for its glamour scenery, which is able to make any tourist fall in love with at the very first sight. However, the beautiful coastal landscape is not all of what this small island has. Phu Quoc’s culinary specialty, according to lớn numerous famous travel bloggers, is also a must-try for any travellers. Below are 12 best restaurants in Phu Quoc Island, which offers unbelievable cuisine, being able to lớn satisfy any visitors.

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1. The Pepper Tree At La Veranda Resort

Source: La veranda resortSelling points:Eco friendly atmosphere, suitable for whom loves being surrounded by the natureHigh quality domestic & international food, with ingredients following a strict “fresh” requirement.Luxurious but warm và romantic style, suitable for elegant couplesDetailed Information:Address: Within La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc MGallery, Alley 118 Tran Hung Dao, Street 7, Phu Quoc, Kien GiangOpening hours: daily, from 6: 30 10:30 và from 18:00 22:00Tel: (+84) 297 3982 988

If you have gone khổng lồ La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc, or at least, if you have visited Phu Quoc, it is mở cửa to no dispute that you must have heard of The Pepper Tree restaurant, a must try for not only domestic but also international tourists.

This restaurant is so speacial as it is really difficult to describe its style. It is luxurious enough lớn be not extravagant, it is magnificent, but still warm & romantic. In order to lớn create a luxurious but eco unfriendly environment, The Pepper Tree has its furniture all made of wood và surrounds itself by a myriad of trees, which fosters a refreshing and hospitable atmosphere.

If you are a nature-lover, or simply want to lớn be exposed lớn Phu Quoc’s breathtaking nature while enjoying your meal, then booking a seat on The Pepper Tree’s balcony & you will find this is one of your life’s most wise decisions. This ideal sitting position will allow you lớn fully satisfy your senses: The delicious food is for your taste, the waves’ whisper is for your ear, & the greenery scenery is for your eyes.

Not only being famous for its high-end atmosphere, The Pepper Tree is also well-known for the five-star-quality but affordable food. In this restaurant, a generous meal with drinks for two people will only cost you 600.000 VND. With meticulous cooking processes, eye-catching decoration, fresh ingredients as well as hospitable staff, this restaurant proves itself as a high-qualified & must-try restaurant for any Phu Quoc’s first time visitors.

Rumour goes that, in the dawn of everyday, Phu Quoc locals often see a foreigner in comfortable attires, going to every fishing village, every fish market, every garden,.. Lớn get the most fresh ingredients. This foreigner is said lớn be The Pepper Tree’s Executive chef, who is always proud of his restaurant’s strict requirement about food’s freshness. As The Pepper Tree Restaurant appreciates the cleanliness as well as the safety of their dishes, an organic garden has been created within the La Veranda Resort lớn exclusively provide vegetables for The Pepper Tree.

Must-try at Pepper Tree Restaurant are all simple but mouth-watering, which will certainly satisfy even the most picky culinary enjoyers. An impressive example of these dishes is The Spring Roll. The crunchy outer rice layer, combining harmonically with the soft và meaty filling made of pork & shrimps, creates one of the most divine cuisines in Vietnam.

Though visitors may find it difficult khổng lồ sort out which places they want lớn go when being in Phu Quoc, it is highly recommended that The Pepper Tree should be one of their priorities. Appealing coastal sceneries, divine food và favorable drinks, what’s more can you expect?

2. Gop Gio Restaurant

Selling points:Ideal location of being right next khổng lồ Bach Dang Night MarketA wide range of seafood with affordable price for people from various walks of lifeBest-seller: grilled sea urchin with scallion oilDetailed Information:Address: Land 4-5-7 Bach Dang Night Market, Phu Quoc, Kien GiangOpening hours: 17h00 – 00h00Price range: 70.000 – 200.000

Located nearby Bach Dang night market, Gop Gio restaurant has become one of the most well-known destinations among Phu Quoc’s tourists. If you are way too bored with a punch of luxurious but unfamiliar restaurants & want khổng lồ seek an authentic Vietnamese feeling, then this restaurant is definitely for you.

Getting the freshest seafood stock from numerous fishing boats at Duong Dong Port, & having the food all prepared in Vietnamese traditional ways, this restaurant can absolutely satisfy even the most picky culinary enjoyers. One of the must-try here is charcoal grilled sea urchin with gallion oil. The meat of sea urchin, combined harmonically with the greasy pork fat và the crispy roasted peanut, convey an indescribable taste. The staff here, regrettably, is unable lớn speak English; however, as the thực đơn has had English descriptions, the language barrier will not be a considerable difficulty.

3. Winston’s Burgers & Beer

Source: Winston’s Burgers và BeerSelling points:LGBTQIA+ friendly spotOffering a variety of vegetarian & gluten-free dishesA lot of classic games lớn play in the restaurants for both kids & adults.A more peaceful view of the town as the restaurant is located in an alley of the town’s main street.Amazing burgers (definitely try the pepper-crusted burger when possible)An authentic feeling American bar.Detailed information:Address: 121 Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc, Vietnam.Phone number: (+84) 763 901 093Opening hours: 00:00 to 21:00

Located right off the main street of the biggest town in Phu Quoc Island is one of the best restaurants in Phú Quốc in terms of comfort foods for foreigners.

The Winston’s Burgers & Beers is located at the entrance khổng lồ alley 121 of Tran Hung Dao Street, the main street of Duong Dong Town, which allows visitors to spot this restaurant easily .

This restaurant offers an authentic American bar atmosphere & all the American comfort foods when you’re tired of eating the plentiful seafood of the island. Winston’s will offer you what many consider the best burgers in town, combining with a wide selection of affordable draft beer và cocktails (vary around 100k VND). Many would recommend the pepper-crusted burgers & key lime pie as must-haves.

Winston’s is also a very inclusive spot, where vegetarian & gluten free options are provided và certified as LGBTQIA+ friendly. Not only food is offered here: there are a lot of classic games, cable TV programs, & so much more lớn keep adults và kids alike entertained.

The scenery from the restaurant is also good, as it shows a quieter side of the town besides the busy main street. With that in mind, if you’re craving for some good old burgers & beers, Winston’s is definitely an affordable place for that authentic American food và bar experience.

4. Khanh Ly Vegetarian Restaurant

Selling points:VegetarianNext lớn the night marketDiverse menu with a wide range of mock meatsFamous among localsDetailed Information:Address: 35, Nguyen Trai (at Duong Dong Hamlet), Phu Quoc, VietnamPhone: (+84) 344 518 712Opening hours: 7:00am 8:00pm (may vary-call to lớn confirm)

When visiting beachside cities or islands like Phu Quoc, it is a must to try the fresh seafood there, yet this is not the case for vegetarians. In fact, many vegetarians find it tricky khổng lồ find restaurants that fit their eating habits when visiting a new city.

As a locals’ beloved vegetarian restaurant, Khanh Ly Vegetarian restaurant is famous not only for its diverse menu that consists of a wide range of vegetarian dishes, but also for the chef’s masterly cooking skills.

The restaurant is a self-help restaurant. When sitting inside, customers will be offered a plate of white rice và then they can choose their side dishes from the counter. It offers a range of mock meats (mostly made with gluten so chú ý if you’re gluten-intolerant), tofu dishes, and vegetables. When you’re close to finishing your plate of rice, a waiter will bring you a small bowl of soup. In case you don’t like rice, Khanh Ly Vegetarian restaurant also has a sub-menu for noodles, which are amazing as well. One of the specialties of the restaurant is the mock egg, which is made from tofu & carrots. Here, you will be able lớn fill up yourself within a small budget.

Khanh Ly Vegetarian restaurant opens up early in the morning & the trays on the counter are filled continually during the day but as it gets closer to lớn the evening, these trays won’t be refilled lớn avoid waste.

What sets Khanh Ly Vegetarian restaurant aside from other restaurants in this menu is that there is a very local atmosphere, sometimes it can be a little bit busy and loud. This will be a perfect place if you want lớn experience the Vietnamese locals’ casual walk of life as the restaurant is almost always packed with locals during meal times.

5. On The Rocks Restaurant At Mango cất cánh Resort

Selling points:Beach viewDiverse menu with Vietnamese traditional cuisine, Western cuisine, & fusion TapasOffer vegetarian dishesDetailed Information:Address: On the Rocks restaurant, Mango cất cánh Resort, Ong Lang Beach, Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam.Phone: (+84) 96 9681 821Booking time: 12 pm to 6 pm everydayOpening hours: 6:30 am 10:30 pm

While some prefer experience tourism, most people enjoy a relaxing & therapeutic vacation coming to islands lượt thích Phu Quoc. These people may opt for a stay at the Mango cất cánh resort, one of the famous resorts with one of the best restaurants in Phu Quoc, On the rocks restaurant.

On the Rocks restaurant is located in the most breeding ground in Phu Quoc, it is right beside the sea & it has the best view of the renowned Phu Quoc sunsets.

The restaurant serves from 6.30 khổng lồ 10.30 và the breakfasts will include both Eastern and Western cuisine such as Vietnamese Pho bo, French pancakes, and a basket of gourmet bread.

The restaurant serves all day và will close until the last guest leaves the eatery. The food is made with fresh produce, lots of seafood, homemade sauce which are all daily supplies. The lunch và dinner there are 100 % delish, you are sure to find something from conventional Vietnamese meals khổng lồ dishes in western style, but the Chef will showroom some special Asian touch to them, which makes the dishes here stand out.

Besides, every day, there will be a special menu, of which the dishes will be depended on daily supplies & the Chef’s specialty is fusion Tapas. Other foods are a big hit as well with a number of thai curries battling for menu space with the likes of BBQ platters and more international options such as seafood tagliatelle, honey duck breast, & an Australian flank steak served with new potatoes and a mixed salad.

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If you’re keen on alcohol drinks, the restaurant offers a selection of luxurious wine & the bartenders there make excellent cocktails. The restaurant is regarded as having one of the best cuisines in Phu Quoc (and not Phu Quoc only).

The atmosphere is just as what you expect from a beachside city, it is laid back, bohemian with wooden furniture and pale blue cushions combined with colorful throw cushions. On the Rocks restaurant does serve outside guests who don’t stay in the resort, but sometimes the eatery gets too busy & they will close the gate khổng lồ keep tables for the resort’s guests.

It is best that you make a reservation in advance. Chú ý that since the restaurant is more on the luxurious side, you should pay attention khổng lồ your etiquette.

6. La cà phê Deli Restaurant và Cafe


The La café is one of the most distinctive cafes in Phu Quoc, with a rustic decoration combined with a small bit of nostalgia, the coffee cửa hàng will remind you of the 90s’ lãng mạn movies.

Around the cửa hàng are old tables và chairs, glasses, books, black & white televisions, old bicycles … all have a nostalgic, graceful feature. You can see some tables with the wooden tabletop supported by part of an old-style treadle sewing machine, with the treadle element still working.

The siêu thị has outside space for guests khổng lồ see Dinh Cau night market, the inside space is small & cozy. Come over lớn the siêu thị on a cozy afternoon, get a seat and table outside on the pavement, where you are able lớn watch the world go by and the kids playing around on the sidewalk, you will feel that wholesomeness of the Vietnamese daily life.

On the menu, you will find some Vietnamese food, Western & Italian food, all cooked in their own style. It is one of the few restaurants on Phu Quoc island that serves Italian dishes. There are also various choices of drink, alcoholic and not, at La cafe Deli Restaurant và Cafe. They have a selection of Vietnamese traditional coffees, cocktails, juices, smoothies, & carbonated drinks.

The siêu thị is right across the night market & next khổng lồ a diving place, the owner of La café is a diver and speaks English fluently.

7. Itaca Resto Lounge


Do you want lớn enjoy authentic Spanish foods even in Vietnam? Go kiểm tra out this restaurant! Itaca Resto Lounge, a Spanish restaurant, is one of the most swanky restaurants in Phu Quoc island.

It is believed to be a true gem of cuisine because it represents the intersection of the Eastern and the Western cuisines. Itaca specialties are Catalan and Mediterranean dishes tailored khổng lồ Asian tastes.

The local products together with Spanish spices have created flavors that cannot be found anywhere on the island. Its Spanish owners designed its own original architecture và decorated it elegantly và aesthetically, thereby creating an agreeable airy space that can make customers feel more at ease & pleasant. Therefore, Itaca is definitely a promising chic relaxing destination for tourists who are in search of something more than just mediocre traditional eateries. It is very close to lớn Long Beach, just a 10-minute walk.

In Itaca a combination of restaurant and café, when the night falls, you can enjoy cozy và romantic vibes exuding from Itaca’s interior decor with shimmering lights, which is considered an ideal place for both couples or honeymooners to have dinner & close friends to lớn have casual gatherings.

The furniture is very modern but simple with white as the main eye-catching bright color tone representing purity & freshness. This stylish restaurant is characterized by a bar on the patio và a courtyard equipped with a number of wooden tables, seats & soft trắng cushions.

You can rest assured that even a randomly selected table can also help you take dozens of nice pictures. That is the reason why Itaca Resto Lounge undoubtedly never misses its name in the top menu of beautiful café restaurants in Phu Quoc islands.

From the courtyard, you can catch a glimpse of the well-lit spacious semi-indoor dining area which is decorated tastefully with a symbol of Vietnamese traditions lamps in the shape of conical hats. Personally speaking as a Vietnamese, even if Itaca Resto Lounge is owned by Spanish expats and featured by tapas offerings, there are still some Vietnamese typical items making it closer và more familiar.

Specifically, Itaca has two areas: the restaurant and the lounge bar. Moreover, it also has an outdoor swimming pool that feels quite similar khổng lồ a resort or a mini villa.

In regards khổng lồ the menu, it offers a variety of beverages including non-alcoholic drinks, beers, wines và classic cocktails to cater for all tastes, but choices of food appear quite limited because most of the food offerings served are from Spanish cuisine. Hence, they are khổng lồ the Spanish’s taste, so if you are unfamiliar with these types of food, you may find them hard lớn enjoy & not to lớn your taste.

Be that as it may, don’t hesitate to lớn have a crack at tapas because they may showroom some spices khổng lồ your experience here. In addition, there are live DJ sets from 20:00 onwards, so if you are an energetic person, check this restaurant out. Whoever comes to Itaca Resto Lounge all give positive feedback about its prompt services accompanied by well-training attentive waiting staff. The price here is a little bit higher than other restaurants in Phu Quoc island, but I think it is still reasonably priced và worth trying.

If you want a spacious luxurious place khổng lồ have a relaxing time on your own or spend time drinking và chatting with your friends, Itaca Resto Lounge must be a good suggestion.

8. Vuon Tao Restaurant


Vuon Tao restaurant located near Duong Dong town, right by the beach & Phu Quoc airport offers a convenient location for their potential customers. Visiting this restaurant, you will surely be astonished by the landscaped garden here with a well-aired roomy space.

Apart from its privileged location, with a large capacity of up to lớn 80 customers, accompanied by an extensive menu và pleasant vibes, Vuon Tao restaurant appears attractive lớn a steady clientele of visitors to lớn Phu Quoc islands. In my opinion, it is really a perfect venue for family meals, friend gatherings & busloads of tourists.

Vuon Tao restaurant specializes in seafood dishes và Phu Quoc specialties, & it provides a wide range of offerings including steamed shrimps in coconut juice, raw barracuda salad, fried silver snappers và other fish or shrimp foods. Each dish has their chất lượng flavour but it all shows characteristic culinary delights in Phu Quoc island to lớn some extent.

This restaurant has had quite a reputation for its signature fresh herring salad, a.k.a “Goi ca trich”. This rustic dish is also the locals’ favourite in Phu Quoc island because it has a harmonious combination of Vietnamese ingredients, and it captures the essence of the seas, forests and cuisine here. The cooking process demands meticulous care và adequate skills. Even though “Goi ca trich” is considered as a type of salad, the way in which the locals consume it quite differs from other Vietnamese salads.

Raw herring salad is a perfect amalgamation of shredded coconuts, raw fish, mint và sliced onion, which is then wrapped with various sorts of fresh vegetables by rice paper.

In addition, a bowl of special fish sauce made from chopped chillies, garlic & toasted peanuts is indispensable for tourists to enjoy this food khổng lồ the full. It is the high quality food served that earns Vuon Tao restaurant a name as one of the best restaurants in Phu Quoc island.

The services here are very good as well. The staff are professional và enthusiastic, so they are usually ready to wait on you anytime.

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If you want a place to lớn satisfy your appetite và try most of the specialties here simultaneously, come visit Vuon Tao restaurant.