No place in Vietnam giới is quite lượt thích Hoi An. There’s the perfectly preserved ancient đô thị, a rare survivor of the country’s many wars. There’s the stunning coastline, the white-sand beaches against clear turquoise waters. And there’s the night-time thrills, with a wonderfully eclectic range of bars both on the beach & in the pedestrianised old town. Take a look at the best bars to lớn while away an evening in Hoi An.

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Ask most folk who’ve sầu come through Hoi An for a bar recommendation, & nine times out of ten they’ll send you khổng lồ Soul Kitchen. It’s a staple of the city, a longstanding classic that’s phối right on the coast, that crucial ramshackle beach bar where the beers are always cold & the seafood mostly fried. Hotline ahead và book one of their sunset-facing tables, và then stay on late-night, as one of the area’s many live acts take to lớn the stage.

Next door khổng lồ Soul Kitchen sits this slightly more upscale take on a beach bar. It’s chic & cosy, a sign of how Hoi An is changing. The cocktails are, of course, as beach-friendly as you’d imagine – Mai Tais, Piña Coladas, each perfectly concocted by its trained team of mixologists. But honestly, we’re more impressed by its long line of craft beer taps, sourced from all across the country, served up with as much respect as any other drink.

One the other over of Hoi An’s long coast, Salternative text Pub is an Aussie take on the classic beach bar, a surf-inspired spot that serves the draft beers at sub-zero & the mixed drinks strong enough to incapacitate. The stunning views of the beach upfront certainly vày help, & late-night after the sun sets, head downstairs khổng lồ its pub-lượt thích bar, where you’ll find the town’s older expats huddling together in front of the live-broadcast football game.

Every town has that down-and-dirty dive bar, a fun-for-all pub where locals & tourists rub shoulders. Three Dragons ticks that necessary box for Hoi An, a longstanding favourite that still carries a no-fuss charm. Take a seat at the bar alongside the many local bar flies, or if you’re looking for something chilled, head out baông chồng and grab a table sitting on the river’s edge, where the Saigon Specials goes down a treat while soaking in the unrivalled charms of Hoi An.

The newest addition on this list, Tama is a bohemian-chic bar near the beach that sometimes also doubles as Tempo, a DJ-centric music spot where the tunes are heavy on the vinyl. Be warned, it’s a place for the young folk, a spot where man-buns are everywhere & the smoky vape fumes reveal a drink danh mục of beers, rum-and-cokes & the like. A fun spot that taps inkhổng lồ the next generation – it’s what the thành phố needed.

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The Quiet American, the Michael Caine-starring 2002 adaptation of Grasi mê Greene’s classic Vietphái mạnh novel, was filmed largely in Hoi An, with the ancient thành phố doubling for the Saigon’s long-destroyed 1950s charms. A key bar scene was filmed at this 200-year-old house and, seeing dollar signs, the owners quickly converted the spot inlớn an actual watering hole. It’s tasteful rather than tacky, though, và everything from the Indochine decor to the period music và simple, straightforward cocktails hark baông chồng to lớn the era.
This fairly new addition to the Hoi An scene holds an enviable location, an al fresteo terrace facing the river and overlooking the town’s historic street market. With a long line of sofas taking up one kết thúc of the bar, plus high tables & a small live-music stage on the other, Market Bar is a charming spot serving up a fine selection of wines by the glass, as well as sunset-friendly cocktails lượt thích the Aperol Spritz & crisp gin và tonics.

The best wine bar in town, White Marble is phối right in the centre of the ancient town, in a preserved heritage building that is well suited for its range of tipples. Over a dozen wine varieties from across the world hóa trang the by-the-glass options, while the bottles are priced from the cheap & cheerful through lớn the celebratory. Pair it with a cheese or charcuterie board, và it’s almost as if you’d step baông xã in time lớn those Indochine days.

ThirtySeven might be more renowned for its wood-fired chunks of prime meat, but the stunning bar up front rivals any in town. It’s arguably Hoi An’s first proper cocktail bar, a speakeasy-inspired spot where the mixologists shake up both classic cocktails và local-inspired drinks. They vày mean Negronis và Manhattans, but why not try something more innovative sầu, such as the lemongrass-infused vodka with chilli, or better yet, the strangely delicious mix of bourbon, coconut milk and chocolate bitters. Alongside its retro-inspired decor, ThirtySeven is changing the Hoi An bar game.

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Hidden down an alley right in the centre of town, Tadiokhổng lồ is mix in an ancient shophouse that’s almost a labyrinth khổng lồ its many charms. Snake your way through its many corridors lớn discover an art gallery space, a sushi and ramen counter, a zen-inspired rock garden and, of course, the cocktail bar itself. Here, it’s Japanese whiskeys, Bordeaux reds, Prohibition-era cocktails, plus an impressive sầu selection of G&Ts, making this Hoi An’s strangest, coolest spot.

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