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Bạn đang xem: 8 great restaurants in da nang

Eating da Nang food is one of the highlights of visiting the city! Traditional Vietnamese cuisine, fresh-caught seafood và international fare are all on offer. During our two weeks in the city, we feasted on đứng đầu local gastronomy và sought out the best restaurants in domain authority Nang, Vietnam.

Da Nang Food: What lớn Eat In da Nang, Vietnam

The food in domain authority Nang is some of the best – và most chất lượng – in Vietnam. Located between the sea và the Central Highlands – and at the half-way point between Hanoi and Ho chi Minh city – domain authority Nang cuisine has evolved from a blend of influences. Furthermore, because domain authority Nang attracts expats from around the world (and, in recent years, has seen an influx of Korean visitors), there is a higher concentration of international eateries in da Nang than in the rest of Vietnam.

What Food Is domain authority Nang Known For?

The most famous domain authority Nang food is mi Quang. In fact, a bowl of ngươi Quang noodles is easier to find than Vietnam’s most iconic noodle dish, Pho. Mi Quang, which is a bowl of rice noodles in a turmeric broth topped with meat & herbs, is typically served for breakfast. However, because it is the most famous food in domain authority Nang, many restaurants & vendors serve it throughout the day.

Other popular local da Nang food is Banh Xeo (crispy pancakes), Com Ga (chicken và rice) and Bun phụ vương Ca da Nang (fishcake noodle soup).

Da Nang Restaurant Scene: Where to lớn Eat In da Nang

Just lượt thích the rest of Vietnam, there is no shortage of places lớn eat in da Nang. As is often the case in Vietnam, many of the same types of eateries are found in one area.

Restaurants featuring the best local food in da Nang are found in the thành phố center. Meanwhile, the best international restaurants in da Nang are found in the An Thuong district between the Han River & the East Vietnam Sea. In the markets and on the street corner, vendors make delicious domain authority Nang street food. And, for visitors seeking the best seafood in da Nang, the Man thai fishing village is the place to lớn go.

Best da Nang Restaurants

There is such a massive variety of things to lớn eat in da Nang! We never got bored of the city’s cuisine – & had no trouble finding good food in da Nang, either. During our stay, we indulged in the traditional local cuisine, but feasted on international fare, too. Khổng lồ help other travelers, we created a menu of the 11 best places in eat in domain authority Nang.

Best Restaurants In da Nang, Vietnam

Eating is one of our favorite domain authority Nang activities! Our danh sách of đứng đầu restaurants in da Nang features both local food and establishments serving food from around the globe.

Use our da Nang Food Guide lớn find the best food in the city. For each of the 11 da Nang restaurants on our danh sách we provide a recommended dish và a links to Google Maps so that you can easily route your way there. At the end of the post, we include a domain authority Nang Restaurant maps of all our recommendations.

Our da Nang Food Blog Post contains the Best of da Nang Food! Save, sạc pin or Bookmark it so that you can access it during your trip lớn Vietnam!

#1 Banh Xeo bố Duong: Best Banh Xeo da Nang

Banh Xeo is a typical dish of Central Vietnam. The first time I tried it was at a Hanoi Cooking Class– & the dish quickly rose to lớn the top of my favorite foods in Vietnam. The crispy turmeric pancake is stuffed with a mixture of meat and shrimp and then cut into strips. The pieces are rolled into rice paper – along with lettuce, herbs & cucumber. Before eating, the rolls can be dipped into a peanut sauce for a perfectly flavorful bite.

Banh Xeo ba Duong (MAP) is the most popular Banh Xeo restaurant in da Nang. Not only vày they make absolutely delicious Banh Xeo, but visiting the restaurant is a true da Nang experience. The no-frills eatery is loud, chaotic & fun…and it’s filled with locals. Patrons nội dung tables – and the waitstaff squeeze as many people in as possible.

The pancakes are enormous, so we ordered just one to chia sẻ between the two of us. Once we placed our order, a vps brought us a platter of meat-on-a-stick (you only pay for the sticks you consume) to eat while we waited for our meal. Before our Banh Xeo arrived, we took note of fellow diners’ techniques for assembling the rolls so that by the time our steaming platter arrived, we were more than ready – and the perfectly balanced meal hit the spot!

Pro Tip: Don’t be fooled into sitting down at one of the other Banh Xeo restaurants that line the alley on the way khổng lồ Banh Xeo ba Duong. Keep going lớn the end of the lane khổng lồ street address K 280/23 Hoang Dieu (which is printed on their sign).

#2 Com Ga A nhì Restaurant da Nang

Com Ga domain authority Nang is a classic meal of chicken và rice and it is found on many domain authority Nang restaurant menus. However, Com Ga A nhị (MAP) is the best restaurant in da Nang, Vietnam for the staple dish, because they make the ordinary dish extraordinary. Popular with locals và in-the-know tourists, there are only a few items on the menu…and no menus in English. Don’t worry – the friendly waitstaff knows why you are there: to lớn eat their incredible roasted chicken and rice.

When we sat down, the waiter simply asked, “How many?” và held up one – then two – fingers. Within minutes, maybe seconds, dishes started appearing on our table. First was a green onion soup, then a small bowl of pickled vegetables followed by a spicy dipping sauce. At last (probably two minutes after ordering), the roasted skin-on bone-in chicken leg and rice was placed on our table. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside và seasoned to lớn perfection – Com Ga A nhị is a DaNang Must Eat!

#3 Bep Hen: Best Restaurant da Nang

On our mission to lớn find the best food in da Nang, we found Bep Hen (MAP) – và it did not disappoint! The shabby chic domain authority Nang Vietnamese eatery occupies three floors – complete with a rooftop garden room & a small outdoor space. While the ambiance is charming, the food is positively spectacular.

Featuring Vietnamese trang chủ cooking, menu items can be shared family-style (and we highly recommend it!). The signature dish, Caramelized Braised Pork, comes with boiled eggs và is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. We also tried the Eggplant Stuffed with Minced Pork – which absolutely blew us away. Fully cooked, but not soggy, the stuffed eggplant is enhanced with a splendidly sweet garlic soy sauce dressing. The food we ate was so good that we rank Bep Hen as one of the best restaurants in Vietnam!

Pro Top: Our meal at Bep Hen – which was our best dinner in domain authority Nang – was incredibly affordable. For the two main entrees, rice & two rounds of beers – plus tip – our bill came out to lớn less than 300k VND (that is less than $13 USD).

#4 mày Quang ba Mua: Best Breakfast In domain authority Nang

Mi quang đãng is a special food in da Nang that is chất lượng to the city. The hearty meal is made with thick rice noodles and a flavorful turmeric broth – but just enough to strengthen the taste, not enough to gọi it a soup. The noodles are topped with various cuts of meats – either beef, chicken, pork, shrimp or fish – & a variety of accompaniments, typically herbs & peanuts. There are numerous vendors and restaurants in da Nang, Vietnam that sell mi Quang for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Relying on advice from locals, we ventured into mày Quang bố Mua (MAP) for breakfast – which was already packed when we arrived. While the restaurant has a large menu, only mi Quang is available in the morning – albeit, they can make it five different ways. We opted for the #1 thực đơn item: Mixed Meat ngươi Quang. Packed with pieces of beef, pork, shrimp & fish – & even a boiled egg – it was truly the broth that made the dish.

Pro Tip: Order a side of Vietnamese rice crackers to break over the top. I only realized it was an option when I saw other diners adding the crackers lớn their meals. I think the crackers would add texture…as well as soak up the tasty broth.

#5 Veda’s Kitchen: Best Indian Restaurant In da Nang

We had not planned on eating Indian food in da Nang, but when our friends raved about Veda’s Kitchen (MAP), we couldn’t resist trying it ourselves. Although most Indian food tends to lớn be too spicy for my liking, at Veda’s Kitchen they make phenomenal, full-flavored classic Indian fare with just the right amount of heat.

All of the outdoor seats were occupied during our visit, but they had room for us at a small table inside the restaurant. We ordered Samosas with three different sauces, Cheesy Garlic Naan bread, heavenly (and not spicy!) Butter Chicken and a Tikka Masala that Kris still craves. While the food is more expensive than domain authority Nang local food, it is absolutely worth the splurge! Without a doubt, Veda’s Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in da Nang, Vietnam for Indian food.

Pro Tip: Family Indian Restaurant DaNang (MAP) is another Indian food restaurant in da Nang that comes highly recommended by fellow travelers. We didn’t have time to lớn go on our most recent visit, but we look forward lớn trying it on a future da Nang trip!

#6 Burger Bros domain authority Nang


Burger cravings can be difficult lớn satisfy in Vietnam – but the cheeseburgers at Burger Bros in domain authority Nang (MAP) are spot on! Patrons can choose from a range of fast-food style burgers complete with all the fixings. Homemade garlic fries or coleslaw can be added as a side khổng lồ make it a meal (and địa chỉ cửa hàng a soft drink for better combo Meal pricing).

Encouraged by their slogan, “No Burger. No Life.”, we went all in with the double-patty My Khe Burger (the most expensive on the thực đơn at 140k VND – or $6 USD) and the decadent Bacon Egg Burger (priced at 110k VND – or $4.75 USD). Both burgers came with juicy meat patties topped with melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion. An unbelievably good burger in an unlikely locale.

Pro Tip: The small shack-like restaurant fills up quickly! While we were always lucky khổng lồ score a table, we saw some visitors waiting for a seat, but it wasn’t typically longer than 5-10 minutes. Don’t want lớn wait? Order this domain authority Nang food khổng lồ go!

#7 Tui Tia Mekong Street Food da Nang

We stumbled onto Tui Tia (MAP) while looking for Tam’s Surf cửa hàng and Burgers (which has apparently changed ownership) – và we are stoked that we did! The modern & clean Tui Tia features regional street food in a more refined setting.

We opted for the local specialty, Banh Xeo (crispy pancakes), và fried spring rolls. Complemented by an assortment of fresh herbs and pineapple (my favorite Banh Xeo embellishment), the Banh Xeo was slightly different than versions we have tried previously. The owner patiently showed us step-by-step how to lớn properly consume it – and we were impressed by both the taste & the exemplary service.

Pro Tip: We have learned that there are numerous styles of Banh Xeo – we tried yet another rendition on our Hue Day Trip that featured a pancake that was much thicker.

#8 Taco NGON: Mexican Food In da Nang


When most people think of DaNang, Vietnam food, Mexican tacos are probably not the first thing that come to mind. Khổng lồ be honest, having spent years in the American southwest, we were skeptical about eating Mexican food in da Nang; it’s a tough cuisine khổng lồ master without the right ingredients. But then we heard about Taco NGON (MAP) – and we were intrigued. Rather than trying khổng lồ produce authentic Mexican fare, they created a menu of fusion tacos featuring a Vietnamese twist.

Distinctive và daring, the food at Taco NGON is delicious – and each taco only costs 39k VND (about $1.75 USD). The thực đơn is basic. Their homemade tortillas can be filled with one of four choices (pork, fried fish, chicken or veggie) – và topped with one of four sauces (Wasabi Coleslaw, Yogurt Salsa, Ginger Lime and Tamarind BBQ). Diners can mix-and-match khổng lồ their heart’s content.

The winning combinations for us were Fish with Ginger Lime & Chicken with Wasabi Coleslaw. Other combos we tried were Chicken with Tamarind BBQ (which was way too spicy for me!) and Fish with Yogurt Salsa.

Pro Tip: kiểm tra the board for specials! When we visited they had a special of ground beef with cheese sauce – and it was fabulous!

#9 My Casa Tapas Restaurant DaNang


The upscale and stylish My Casa restaurant (MAP) offers two kinds of international fare: Italian pizzas & pasta và Spanish-style tapas. Run by an Italian-Spanish couple, the service is top-notch. Although more expensive than most da Nang restaurants, the thực đơn features food made with chất lượng ingredients và handmade cocktails.

Desiring something truly quality in domain authority Nang, we ordered an assortment of Spanish tapas that we assembled into a meal. A few of our favorite dishes were the Pork Meatballs and Hand-Cut Patatas in a tomato sauce, the Onion and Potato Spanish Omelet & Chicken Satay with Homemade Peanut Sauce.

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Pro Tip: My Casa offers a daily happy hour from 5:00pm until 7:00pm.

#10 Kem Bo teo Van (Avocado Ice Cream domain authority Nang)


In business since 1990, Kem Bo teo Van (MAP) is a little Avocado Ice Cream stall at the Bac My An Market run by Ms. Van (plus her small crew to lớn help keep up with the orders!). Initially hesitant about the concept of Avocado Ice Cream (Kem Bo), it is actually incredibly smooth and quite refreshing! The mashed avocado is spooned into the bottom of the glass, then topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream and decorated with toasted coconut flakes.

Ms. Van’s Kem Bo stall is always busy, but there is likely someone out front helping lớn direct patrons to a seat. Each Kem Bo dessert cup only costs 12k VND (about 50 cents USD). The creamy concoction comes layered in a glass; we recommend mixing it all together so that you aren’t left with a spoonful of plain avo at the end.

Pro Tip: No seats available? No problem! Get your Kem Bo in a to-go cup and eat it as you peruse the market hall.

#11 An Thuong DaNang Night Market Food

Unlike most Vietnam night markets, the domain authority Nang An Thuong Night Market (MAP) is a small market of affixed stalls selling international fare. The concept is especially popular with tourists and is a fun place lớn meet fellow travelers.

We stopped by the market one night và pieced together a meal by ordering several items from different vendors. Among our favorites were Japanese-style Yakitori Sticks with chicken và leeks, a Cheesy Quesadilla from Three Little Owls & an impressive Philly Cheesesteak.


Going to cha Na Hills? Don’t miss their evening buffet where you can sample heaps of the region’s most famous foods. Read about everything you need khổng lồ know for your visit in our ba Na Hills Blog Post!

More Tips About domain authority Nang Food

Above we outlined our đứng top choices for places lớn eat in domain authority Nang. However, we have a few more tips!

Da Nang Street Food: Banh Mi & Pho domain authority Nang

We didn’t venture too far into the street food in domain authority Nang (as you can see, there are too many good da Nang restaurants to try!), but we did eat some.

Banh Mi da Nang

While touring the city, we were never far from a Banh ngươi cart & we even tried a few from unnamed vendor stalls when we just wanted to grab something quick on the go. For a simple & cheap breakfast, we liked the Banh mi sandwiches from a small cart next to the coffee shop we liked (which we talk more about in a minute!). And, although we didn’t eat it personally, we heard good things about the sandwiches at Banh Mi tía Lan (MAP).

Pro Tip: In domain authority Nang, Banh mày is often spelled Banh My. It’s the same concept, just a different spelling!

Da Nang Pho

Street vendors in da Nang are more likely to be selling mi Quang than Pho, but we saw plenty of restaurants that listed Pho on their menu. One day, when I was craving a bowl of Pho, we wandered into An House Restaurant (MAP) và found their Pho to be unexpectedly good!

Da Nang Seafood


Located seaside on china Beach và at the da Nang fishing village, seafood in da Nang is a specialty. However, in my quest lớn seek out the best seafood restaurant in domain authority Nang, I became completely discouraged. I read too many unpleasant nhận xét that complained about exorbitant prices for mediocre seafood & slow service. The waterfront My Khe Beach Restaurants get particularly inconsistent reviews. (Seriously, read the reviews for a place like Blue Whale Restaurant domain authority Nang and you will see what we mean.)

Couple the erratic and bad reviews with the fact that Kris doesn’t lượt thích most seafood, và the idea of dining on fresh fish seaside fizzled for me. That said, if eating at a da Nang seafood restaurant had been a priority for us, we would have chosen to dine at locally favored nam giới Danh Seafood Restaurant da Nang (MAP) or at seaside hai San Be Man Restaurant domain authority Nang (MAP). We also heard from other travelers that inland restaurants, lượt thích Moc Seafood (MAP), provide better service than the ones along the sea.

Vegetarian Restaurant domain authority Nang

Meat-less meals are almost always an option in Vietnam. There are a few dedicated domain authority Nang vegetarian restaurants, but most places can simply adapt dishes khổng lồ make them meatless. Most Banh mày vendors offer a vegetarian sandwich và Indian restaurants – like Veda’s Kitchen – have non-meat dishes, too.

Da Nang French Restaurant

For a classy, fine dining experience, visitors might want to lớn seek out one of the highly-rated French restaurants in domain authority Nang. Based on the exceptional reviews, we think Le Bambino (MAP) might be the best French restaurant in domain authority Nang.

Big C domain authority Nang (MAP) – Visitors who have accommodations with a kitchen – or at the least a kitchenette – may want khổng lồ pick up a few groceries…and there is no better grocery store in domain authority Nang than the 2-level mega-store, Big C. Offering a wide range of products, we often picked up their pre-made meals, bought set-priced produce & marveled at the long aisle of instant ramen options.

Best Cafes In da Nang, Vietnam

Coffee in Vietnam is a way of life. The cafes in domain authority Nang range from casual lớn chic – & everything in between. Cong Coffee domain authority Nang (also spelled Cong Cafe, Cong Ca Phe and Cong Caphe domain authority Nang – but all part of the same Vietnamese chain), often ranks as the Best Coffee in domain authority Nang. Their signature coffee drink, Coconut Coffee, is deliciously cool, but it is the throwback communist memorabilia that decorates the coffeeshop that truly attracts visitors.

H Coffee House


While we are fascinated by Cong Coffee, we preferred enjoying our morning coconut coffee at the inconspicuous H Coffee House (MAP) near My Khe Beach. The hip interior is inviting, but we enjoyed sitting at the outdoor tables & watching the city wake up.

Pro Tip: H Coffee House allows patrons to grab a Banh ngươi from the cart next door và eat it while drinking coffee at the shop. It’s an easy, inexpensive & tasty breakfast option!

Best Bars In domain authority Nang, Vietnam

There is a fun and vibrant nightlife in domain authority Nang, Vietnam – but it is quite different from the scene in Hanoi – or even Hoi An. Fresh Beer – or Bia Hoi – is a lot less common và typically available in restaurants và bars (as opposed khổng lồ the street corner pop up stands in Hanoi). On the other kết thúc of the spectrum, craft beer is also produced in domain authority Nang – as well as dedicated da Nang craft beer bars.

An Thuong Expat Bars

One of our favorite areas lớn hang out at night is the An Thuong District. Dotted with vị trí cao nhất eateries và fun bars, the area mostly attracts foreigners and Da Nang expats.

Bikini Bottom Bar da Nang

Known for their healthy breakfast & lunch menu (which includes vegetarian options, too!), nội y Bottom (MAP) is an easy-going open-air establishment và a chill place to lớn have a few beers in the evening. For happy hour, they offer 10k VND (about 50 cents USD) Fresh Beer – và they have local craft beer on tap, too!

Crazy Cat’s Bar

Crazy Cat’s (MAP) is a hip coffeeshop by day và a cool beer drinking venue by night. They offer happy hour specials and craft beer – and have live music or open mic nights certain days of the week.

Han River Bars

Along the banks of the Han River there are a few fun domain authority Nang bars for visitors, too.

Bamboo 2 Sports Bar da Nang

The Bamboo 2 (MAP) corner bar is somewhat of an institution in da Nang. A good place to watch sports or play a trò chơi of pool, Bamboo 2 is a typical Southeast Asia expat bar. The second màn chơi balcony offers nice views of the river và busy street below.

Pro Tip: The more refined Waterfront DaNang Restaurant & Bar (MAP) is located just a block north of Bamboo 2. While we did not visit Waterfront Restaurant DaNang, they also have a balcony overlooking the river, a short happy hour (between 5:30 và 6:30pm), live music và food.

7 Bridges Brewery: Craft beer da Nang

For good times, friendly staff and really good beer, 7 Bridges Brewery (MAP) is the place lớn go. Located near the east end of the city’s famous dragon Bridge, the craft brewery makes beer on-site và offers their full range on tap (along with a few select beers from other breweries). Spread over multiple levels, the upper-level outdoor seats overlooking the long Bridge are the best in the house.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss their Monday night special: Small beer and a slice of Brooklyn-style pizza for just 90k VND (less than $4 USD).

Best Pizza in da Nang – For phenomenal pizza, go to lớn 4P’s domain authority Nang (MAP). We ate at this Japanese-owned Vietnamese pizza chain in HCMC and it far exceeded our expectations! With a farm-to-table concept, they use the freshest ingredients and cheese made in-house lớn create incredible pizzas!

Da Nang Restaurant Map

Use this link to Google Maps for our da Nang maps online.

What You Will Need For Your Visit To da Nang

Before you mix off in tìm kiếm of the best Food in da Nang, prepare for your journey into the local cuisine with these few items.

An xuất hiện Mind

First and foremost, keep an xuất hiện mind while trying Vietnam food! Both the cuisine & the environment will likely be different from what you are used khổng lồ – but that is part of the adventure!


Carrying a small packet of tissues is imperative in Vietnam. Not all restaurants – and very few vendors – provide napkins, so bringing your own tissues is key!

Hand Sanitizer

Before diving into a meal in Vietnam, make sure your hands are germ-free! Some restaurants may not provide soap in the restroom (if they even have a restroom), so it’s best lớn have some hand sanitizer on hand (literally!).

WiFi Connection

In order to find our recommended restaurants (using the Google maps links provided in our post) when you are out & about, you will need a WiFi connection. Some cell phone plans can be adjusted khổng lồ provide international data packages; however, SIM cards are much cheaper (but can only be used if you have an unlocked phone).

Families và groups of friends traveling together should consider renting or buying a smartphone WiFi Hotspot. We have the GlocalMe hotspot, which we love! Not only can we connect up to 5 devices at one time, we can either insert a SIM thẻ into the device or purchase WiFi data plans online.

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Grab App

We have recommended restaurants all over domain authority Nang City! Getting around the thành phố is best done via Grab Taxis. In order to get a ride, visitors need to have the Grab App. We recommend downloading and setting it up prior to lớn your trip!

Pro Tip: The Grap phầm mềm can also be used for Food Delivery in da Nang!

Belly Meds

Eating foreign foods can often cause an upset stomach. Although we have never gotten sick eating the food in Vietnam, we are always prepared with medications in case of unfortunate digestive problems. Pack some tums and an anti-diarrhea meds just in case!

Pro Tip: Speaking of getting sick abroad, we would never go on a trip without Travel Insurance. Not only can it protect against trip cancelations & lost luggage, but it can also help in the case of illness or injuries while traveling. Kiểm tra rates and coverage with World Nomads.

Da Nang, Vietnam Food Tour

Visitors can use our above recommendations to lớn create their own da Nang Food Tour. However, if you would rather let a local guide lead the way, join a highly-rated domain authority Nang Street Food Tour – lượt thích this popular one on Viator!

Da Nang Cooking Class

I learned so much about Vietnamese cuisine in my Hanoi Cooking Class! da Nang visitors who want khổng lồ learn how khổng lồ cook Vietnamese food using authentic da Nang cuisine recipes should consider taking a cooking class. Read these great reviews!

Pro Tip: Visiting Hanoi, too? kiểm tra out our Hanoi Food Guide – which includes details on What & Where khổng lồ Eat in Hanoi, Vietnam!

Start planning your trip to Vietnam! search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations & fun things to do…then start packing! Want more travel planning tips? Head over lớn our Travel Planning page for more information và tips on traveling – & for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!

We Want to lớn Know: What would you địa chỉ cửa hàng to our danh sách of Must-Try domain authority Nang food? What are your favorite Restaurants in da Nang, Vietnam? Give us your best tips and advice in the comments below! Also, be sure to read about the best attractions in da Nang for your visit!