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Ho Chi Minc - which many people still điện thoại tư vấn Saigon, its former name - offers a lot of attractions & activities lớn visitors, which is not surprising considering that it’s the biggest city in Vietnam. Because of its history & its size, not khổng lồ mention the sheer volume of motorcycles on the road on a daily basis, it can be overwhelming for visitors, especially for those who are in Ho Chi Minc or the first time. Frequent visitors, meanwhile, may imagine themselves already jaded by what the đô thị can offer to lớn them. The good news is that there’s always something new & different that it can offer to guests, whether they’re first-time visitors eager to veer away from the crowds or seasoned travelers who want to go down the road less traveled. Use this guide for some of the best non-touristy things khổng lồ vị in Ho Chi Minc, Vietnam.

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1. Dine at Kent Quán on the Saigon Canal


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In the past, the Saigon Canal, otherwise known as Kênh Nhiêu Lộc – Thị Nghtrằn — gained an unwholesome reputation of being nothing more than the dumping site for sewage materials. These days are gone now, và visitors can enjoy dining at one of the restaurants in the area, such as Kent Quán, khổng lồ enjoy good food và great views. The igiảm giá khuyến mãi time lớn visit here is at night, when the area comes truly alive.


Address: 648a Trường Sa, Phường 17, Phú Nhuận, TP HCM, Vietnam

Facebook page: KENT Quán

Opening hours: 11am - 1am (daily)


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Located about an hour’s drive away from the đô thị, the Cu Chi tunnels are actually a network of narrow underground passageways used by the Viet Cong as their hiding spots, medical bays, và supply routes during the Vietphái nam War. These tunnels, which are estimated to span 250 kilometers, give guests insights on how the Vietnamese were able lớn beat the American troops. Bravehearted travelers can take the opportunity lớn explore some tunnels if they wish.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Address: TL15, Phụ Hiệp, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Opening hours: 7am - 5pm (daily)

Price: Starts from 63 USD

3. Meet a mèo at a pet cafe

Editor’s note: establishment is permanently closed

Feline lovers should not miss out on dropping by at the Tokyo Pet Center, a mèo cà phê where they can pet adorable kitties from all over the world, even breeds from as far as the US & Russia. If, on the other hvà, you are a dog person, there’s also a floor specifically for friendly canines that you can also have fun playing with. There’s also a pet khách sạn on the top floor if you want your own pet khổng lồ be pampered even while you’re away.

Tokyo Pet Center

Address: 284 Nguyễn Trọng Tuyển, Phường 10, Phú Nhuận, Sài Gòn, Vietnam