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The field comprised a mosaic of conventionally-tilled and rye-mulched plots, surrounded by fields of maize, soybeans, alfalfa hoặc and mixed hardwood forest.

We wish vĩ đại clarify these and welcome the chance her commentary provided vĩ đại offer aspects of the social situation surrounding the case we presented.

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Is there some concept, identifiable as 'perception', which affects or controls a human being's knowledge of the surrounding landscape?

There are views over the green roof below and into the canopies of the surrounding trees.

Besides the standard section, in every wave some questions are added vĩ đại poll the opinions surrounding hot topics.

The subject of sea level rise is surrounded by uncertainties.

Secondly, the wildlife has vĩ đại compete with the surrounding agriculture for the habitat.

Response rates were 96 per cent from the main valley and surrounding district.

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There is a region of variant grammars closely surrounding every grammar.

The level of expression of the 6 isoform in the cells of the right bundle branch was always lower phàn nàn that of the surrounding myocardium.

We will review herein some of the evidence and the caveats surrounding the neurodevelopmental hypothesis.

An intraventricular hemorrhage is a hemorrhage of the area surrounding the lateral cerebral ventricles.

There is also discussion of issues surrounding the quality of data.

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However, given its convenience and the accessibility vĩ đại surrounding plants, it may be an effective method for pre-planting applications.

The final chapter gives an inspiring overview of the complex problems surrounding market and non-market economic organisation.

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