Diving in phu quoc


Phu Quoc Isl& boats stunning beaches with White smoot svà, lãng mạn sunsets, tropical forests, wild jungle and peaceful atmosphere, making it an igiảm giá khuyến mãi place for those who are seeking for a getaway trip from busy life. It is also well-known as one of the best destinations for snorkeling & diving in Vietnam. Clear xanh water and diversity of the sea world will surely satisfy diving enthusiasts and lovers. Let’s dive sầu in it and explore!


An international team of divemasters & instructors at Rainbow Divers

Rainbow Divers is the longest established PADI Dive sầu Center in Phu Quoc và throughout Vietphái mạnh. It offers daily dive sầu boats departing to lớn the North và South, and PADI training courses.

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Address: 11 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc.

Flipper Dive Center


A boat of Flipper Dive sầu Center lớn take tourists to lớn diving spots

Flipper Diving Club is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive sầu Resort with fully experienced & certified scutía diving staff. The multilingual team can speak English, French, Dutch, German, Russian, Swedish. It provides daily dive trips & a full range of PADI Courses from Discover Scutía Diving all the way through to lớn PADI Instructor level training.

Address: 60 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc.

Vietnam Explorer Dive sầu Center


Tourist takes a scutía diving trip with Vietphái nam Explorer Dive Center’s instructor

The Vietphái mạnh Explorer Dive Center operates daily scubố diving and snorkeling trips khổng lồ the North & South islvà of Phu Quoc with a full range of experiences including snorkeling, try dives, fun dives and diving courses.

Address: Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc.

2. Phu Quoc Dive sầu Sites

There are 2 main dive areas in Phu Quoc: in the North and in the South. The diving sites around the islvà are relatively shallow, between 10 – 12m on average. The North of the islvà has better conditions for diving but not many dive sầu sites. In contrast, there are more dive sầu site options in the South but the weather is quite erratic.

2.1. Phu Quoc’s North Dive sầu Sites

Turtle Island (Hon Doi Moi)

Turtle Islvà is considered as the best dive sầu site in the North of Phu Quoc, few kilometers off Bai Dai Beach. A large area of coral is located at a depth of only 0.5m, which is convenient for snorkeling. Diving at a shallower depth, about 10-12m, you can see many beautiful hard coral formations as well as a big variety of tropical fish, stonefish & damselfish.

Fingernail Island (Hon Mong Tay)


The Fingernail Island located in the North is a prime snorkeling & diving location for those looking for fun rather than a challenge. This is also a great place to lớn learn diving essentials. This site offers a system of big rocks scattered around a flat sandy bottom, creating many hiding places for fish, like barracudas & giant pufferfishes và also have sầu a pretty reef of hard và soft coral. The sandy bottom is also worthy of much attention, with patience & a good eye for small animals you can spot octopuses, mantis shrimps and toadfishes among mỏi others.

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Nudibranch Garden


Nudibranch Garden is a great option lớn dive for all levels of divers, with the maximum depth around 12m. There is a very shallow reef with big coral và roông chồng formation in the deeper sections that are big enough for bamboo sharks to lớn hide underneath. As its name suggests, you will have a chance to lớn explore a variety of nudibranch species as well as other smaller marine creatures at Nudibranch Garden.

2.2. Phu Quoc South’s Dive Sites

An Thoi Archipelago is located off the southern tip of Phu Quoc. Consisting of 15 islands, it is trang chính khổng lồ many best diving & snorkeling spots, most of which are under 12m in depth. This archipelago possesses an abundance of smaller tropical fish, some sea grass gardens, gentle sloping coral reefs, diverse sea life, và much more.

Hon Thom Island


Being the largest island of the An Thoi Archipelago, Hon Thom has many dive sầu sites off the coast, one of which is Pinetáo bị cắn dở Point. North Pinehãng apple Point offers a variety of coral reefs, cuttlefish abound and whip corals. Meanwhile, South Pinetáo bị cắn Point is one of the deepest dive sites in Phu Quoc, at a depth of 35m. It is washed by strong currents that can create a challenge, even for experienced divers.

Dragon Rock


Dragon Rochồng dive sầu site is one of premier must-see sites for any divers in Phu Quoc, with the maximum depth at about 15m depending on the tide. It is dominated by large house-sized boulders, creating an incredible and colorful tableau. Here you can see some different species of angelfish a long with numerous other reef fish, crustaceans as well as countless varieties of soft và hard corals.

Dry Island


Due to lớn no vegetation, Dry Islvà is a unique dive sầu site itself, surrounded by the incredible reef system. It is home khổng lồ Moorish idols, butterfly fish, bamboo sharks, mitre shells, rays, catfish, nudibranchs and scorpionfish. You can dive sầu all around the islvà, watch for cuttlefish & octopus aao ước the large boulders and have sầu a memorable experience.

Roi East Island


Located between the shore of the islvà và an offshore pearl farm, Roi East Island is a good site for all divers, with a maximum depth of 10m. Larger creatures such as moray eels & sweetlips can be found in this area, alongside hermit crabs, cuttlefish, glass shrimp, and a wide range of corals.

3. Best time khổng lồ dive in Phu Quoc


Calm sea và clear water in Phu Quoc Island create a good condition for diving

The water temperature on Phu Quoc Islvà ranges from 28°C lớn 31°C all year round, making it perfect for diving. However, dry season (from November lớn April) is the best time lớn dive when it is sunny, a little chance of rain, the sea is calm & the visibility is at its best.

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4. Advices for diving in Phu Quoc

– The diving centers will provide you snorkeling và diving equipment so you need to bring nothing but swimsuits and waterproof camera lớn capture the best photos under the water.– Either beginners or experienced divers, you should always follow the instructions of your diving guides for your own safety.– The Northern area with shallow water is suitable for inexperienced divers.– For those who suffering seasickness, rethành viên lớn take your medication since you may take a canoe or boat lớn get lớn the diving areas.– There are many levels of snorkeling & diving tours so non-swimmers and non-divers are totally can join. Snorkeling is a wise choice it doesn’t require any certification or training.