reinstatement la gi

But it also decided reinstatement was not practical or reasonable.

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Every case is different according to tướng its own circumstances, but one has to tướng wonder how effective reinstatement is as a remedy.

The union is demanding reinstatement of the leader.

And in a lot of today's music, if there's a guitar solo, it's just a reinstatement of the melody.

Public demand and complaints about the cancellation led to tướng its reinstatement in the schedules, with these latest episodes constituting its eighth series.

They believe the right to tướng vote should be reinstated after the fulfillment of the sentence, under the condition they go through a process of review.

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After a public outcry, the production was reinstated.

This has been estimated at approximately 13million, which is far in excess of the estimated costs for repairing and reinstating existing accommodation.

He was eventually reinstated into the game in 1895, but his rugby career was over.

The rivalry has been placed on hiatus since 2007 and will possibly be reinstated in 2012.

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