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These articles focus on mankind's evolution, and its relationship to tướng the capacities of mankind's mind and culture.

It really is true that there is almost nothing as ever-present in the history of mankind as war.

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This, of course, is the highest goal of mankind according to tướng a wide range of medieval thinkers, and its benefits outweigh any others conceivable.

This is a firm declaration of the fundamental unity of all mankind, divided though it is into two groups.

Viewed as the final frontier for mankind, space combines the elements of adventure, discovery and manifest destiny with a homesteading challenge.

These words express a faith in fundamental progress for the entire history of mankind.

Many of these had humanitarian views which made them willing subjects for medical research which might benefit mankind.

There are many varieties of spatial ordering, as many as there are cultures of mankind.

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It is the oldest, the clearest, and the most accordant with the common reason of mankind.

Aluminum remains one of the most important metals for mankind, being of wide use in industry and science.

We even find forms lượt thích mankind which are orthographically a single word, but have stress on the second element.

He had no faith in the ability of mankind to tướng khuyễn mãi giảm giá with such a situation and was appalled at the prospect of misuse.

It is the first liên kết in the series by which we proceed toward a love to tướng our country and to tướng mankind.

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Where the manipulation of sound is concerned, the damper (right) pedal is surely one of the great inventions known to tướng mankind!

This is why music is one of the steadiest elements in the evolution of mankind.

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