La Gi is a beach located in Binh Thuan Province, about 150km from Ho Chi Minch City. The beach has just been found down as a tourist site in recent years, so it still remains pristine & natural beauty, along with friendly local people and amazingly cheap and fresh seafood.

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Charming beaches


There are no modern resorts, luxury hotels or tourist services in La Gi. The beach just has pure nature with charming beach, crescent-shaped Trắng s&, xanh sun-kissed water and a very cool fresh air. Everything in here is secluded which is perfect for you lớn get away from noisy & bít tất tay life in big cities.

You can spend all day on the beach and you never get bored. You wake up a little early on the morning & walk down the beach. Wandering along the seashore by your bare foot lớn feel the smooth and chilly sand, you will see the breath-taking beauty of coastal morning which the sun comes out from nowhere of offshore, go through grey cloud and shine a very bright sunlight to the sea.


On the beach, the normal life of local people also starts. People in La Gi mostly earn their living by fishing. And the morning is the time they come bachồng after a working night on their fishing boat. You can hear the noisy voice of fishermen, salesmen harmonizing with the murmur of the waves. Many kinds of seafood are sold right on the beach such as lobster, various fishes, squid, crab,… The price is incredible cheap which maybe surprise you.


Then you can come to lớn the tourist area, where you can swim to lớn start a new day or just find a private place under the big poplars lớn sunbath or take a snap. You can also have meals right on the beach.

And in the afternoon, you can sit on Trắng s& stretch to lớn see the sunset or go fishing on small boat.

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In the afternoon, staying on the beach is a chance for you lớn see the mystical attraction of La Gi without sunlight, with millions of sparkling stars on the dark sky and the whisper of the ocean waves.

You will feel the life in here is so simple; the people in here are so simple and friendly. Everything is so easy và comfortable.

Amazing seafood


The most famous seafood in La Gi Beach is grilled gudgeon. It is a featured fish found in La Gi sea area. Gudgeon is a small specie of 10-15 centimet long which can be caught near the shore. Therefore, you can hire a small coracle to lớn fish them. This fish is grilled on the charcoal và be eaten with some fresh vegetable và rice paper. Sitting on the beach and enjoy this amazing food are an unforgettable experience.

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Beside grilled gudgeon, La Gi beach also has so many kinds of delicious seafood & all of them are made by the skillful hands of local people. And more important, they are super cheap.