Kosmos Phu Quoc Villa


Kosmos Phu Quoc Villa is a new modern complex consisting of two big villas. Each villa is divided inlớn two halves & each half consists 9 bedrooms. Kosmos Phu Quoc Villa is just 100 meters away from Long Beach. The Villa offers a swimming pool area with sunbeds & showers, a comfortably furnished terrace with a dining và seating area for leisure activities. There are two spacious, well-lighted, air-conditioned public spaces, 75 square meters each, with kitchen, dining and living room, and a working space on the first floor.

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The kitchen is equipped with everything necessity for comfortable living: a large refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, oven, hob, coffee maker and toaster. All utensils and accessories for cooking are available. The working space is organized with a computer desk and comfortable chair, a PC with high tốc độ Internet access, printer and scanner. There is a cozy relaxing area with a large-screen satellite TV, và a karaoke machine is phối up in the spacious living room. All the furniture in the Kosmos Phu Quoc Villa is made from natural oak.

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You can rent the entire half of the villa, which has 9 bedrooms and can comfortably accommodate up lớn 22 people. It is also ideal offer for weddings, birthday parties, banquets, corporate events and team building. In addition, the necessary equipment for corporate events is provided upon request.

book villa for event—2—rooms

Kosmos Phu Quoc Villa rooms are cozy bedrooms with one or two beds, depending on your choice. The villa has a total of 36 rooms, each villa is divided inlớn two halves, và consists 9 bedrooms. Léman Luxury Apartments are between 23 và 26 square meters. All rooms have a private WC, a shower or a bath. A set of cosmetics, bathrobes, slippers & a hair dryer are provided for you. There is a large plasma TV with satellite channels, safety deposit box, minibar and an electric kettle.

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Within walking distance of Kosmos Phu Quoc Villa, there is a unique uncrowded Trắng sandy beach, 400 meters long and 75 meters wide. The beach is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable pastime: chairs with umbrellas, showers with fresh water, toilet, comfortable swing, relaxing & eating area, bar with drinks và cocktails. According khổng lồ your requirement, you can order lunch or dinner at the beach. In the evening, the beach is well lit, that allows you to lớn have sầu some activities after sunmix. One of the attractions of the beach is the Temple of the whale with an interesting history và amazing architecture.

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—4—vip villa

VIPhường Villa is situated inside new modern complex Sunmix Sanakhổng lồ, 150 meters from the double Kosmos Villa Phu Quoc. Coastline và comfortably equipped beach area is a convenient 30 meters from the villa. The first floor is a spacious lounge with an open plan kitchen, dining và recreation area of 65 square meters. The kitchen is equipped everything you could possibly need. The recreation area has a work desk with a computer. Lastly, there is also a 24 square meter bedroom.

On the second floor VIPhường. Villa has three bedrooms, each 22 square meters và one bedroom with 18 square meters. All bedrooms are equipped with a private bathroom with a bath, air conditioning, minibar, safe, hairdryer, kettle, bathrobes, slippers và bath sets. VIPhường Villa has cable TV và high tốc độ internet. The garden features a modern jaсuzzi with a sunbathing area, a dining area và two relaxation zones. This is a great place khổng lồ watch spectacular sunsets on the beach.

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We provide a four star service for our Kosmos Phu Quoc Villa guests. To make our customers stay care không lấy phí stay và pleasant we offer the following services:

european breakfast

minibar in each room

daily housekeeping

fiber-optic internet

satellite tv

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We always have sầu something special for our guests. For example, you can order any sản phẩm you may need through our delivery service. For faster movement on the islvà, you can take an electric bike. There are eco-friendly and safe vehicles for children & adults. If you want to lớn see the remodemo corners of Phu Quoc island, Kosmos Phu Quoc Villa offer a tour which will be an excellent option for you lớn get acquainted with the exotic nature of the island.

grocery và food delivery
electric bicycles for rent
open tour of theisland
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Kosmos Phu Quoc Villa is located on the territory of Sunphối Sanakhổng lồ complex, 4 km from the international airport & 7 km from the center of Duong Dong town. It is just 100 meters away from the longest beach in Phu Quoc Island - Long Beach. On the complex territory is a chất lượng tourist attraction - the temple of the whale. Nearby are several pearl farms that grow famous Phu Quoc pearls.

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If you want lớn make a reservation or rent a villa for an event please Hotline the phone below or write e-mail. Our manager will contact you and answer any questions.