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Interdependence is also the idea that everything in nature is connected to lớn và depends on every other thing.

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interdependence with sth A company"s interdependence with its suppliers means that if one fails, others may follow.

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The head of the supermarket chain said he recognized the interdependence of businesses & the communities in which they operate.
The interdependence of the definitions of theory & of subject terrain is apparent in other disciplines.
In addition, both economic interdependence and joint membership in international organizations are not statistically significant.
Many of the smaller states in the region, despite their developmentalist-based successes, were poorly equipped khổng lồ address and manage their high levels of interdependence sensitivity.
The first is a trover towards greater interdependence, and the second is a catastrophic element that disrupts some portion of this interdependence.
In both studies the emphasis is on the interdependence between social groupings & actual physical houses.
The notion of positive sầu interdependence, therefore, has great resonance with devolving power relationships và engaging participants in meaningful learning experiences.
As this example shows, the interdependence of moral và intellectual traits opened a channel through which social norms and cultural values could flow.
While recent theoretical work has emphasized the interdependence of different markers of modality, this insight has not yet found its re-ection in existing grammar books.
There should be more examination of the criteria & methods of their underlying sources and their degree of interdependence.