Ho bỏ ra Minh city is art, cuisine & design. Experience the thành phố in a hotel designed lớn help you discover this vibrant Vietnamese metropolis. Located in the centre & very near major tourist attractions such as the Ben Thanh Market, Notre-Dame Basilica and the Opera House. The stunning rooftop infinity pool & views of the đô thị from the bar offer unforgettable experiences in this spectacular destination.

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Sense of personal space

Comfortable rooms with a contemporary kiến thiết in the heart of Ho chi Minh City


Stimulate all your senses in this fascinating Vietnamese city. Enjoy a very functional interior room full of great facilities. A chic space with a double bed, a rainshower và a minibar to enjoy whenever you wish.

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Sleep lượt thích a baby in the heart of Saigon. Comfortable and full of light, this more spacious room provides a double bed, high-speed Wi-Fi so you are always connected, & a minibar with soft drinks and fruit juices. You can work or rest at your own pace và as you wish.

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Can you feel it? The perfect space to spend your days in Ho bỏ ra Minh City. A modern and stylish space with very smart design. Admire the amazing views of the city, rest và relax in your bed or freshen up under your rainshower.

Enjoy life to the full in a bright, modern room with a bird's-eye view over this vibrant city. An experience that will feel lượt thích you’re in your trang chủ away from home. A lounge, a bedroom, a bathtub & a shower. What more could you ask for?