Hoian Silk Village is one of the oldest handicraft villages in Hoian which is more than 300 years old. The village attracts both local & foreign tourists coming to visit as it offers a chất lượng experience of learning the silk manufacturing process. So, if you wish to lớn learn something about silk và traditional handicraft village, don’t forget to địa chỉ this village to your schedule.

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Hoi An Silk Village is a living museum of mulberry, silkworm, tools, & ways of Champa - dẻo Viet textile and garment. Surrounded by mulberry and lotus gardens và other botanic farms, this place exhibits và celebrates the 300-year-old history of the Maritime Silk Route. Visiting the village, tourists have a chance to learn more about the cultural history of traditional silk, as well as costume culture at Hoian cultural heritage. Moreover, you can also cửa hàng for luxury Vietnamese textiles, handmade lanterns, high-end suits and dresses, taste the delicious food.

Location:located at 28 Nguyen Tat Thanh street, which is two kilometres northwest of Hoian Ancient Town.

It is easy lớn get to lớn Hoi An Silk Village from Hoian ancient town. Most of the hotels in Hoian offer không lấy phí bikes so you can borrow from the receptionist. If your khách sạn does not provide that service, you can hire a bicycle for 50.000 VND/ day khổng lồ get to lớn this village và other nearby destinations. You can also use cyclo to lớn get there. Some visitors prefer walking too.

If you depart from Danang city, it’s better lớn use motorbikes, buses, or taxis. Renting motorbikes is about 120.000 VND/ day.

Entrance fee: Hoian Silk village was built to lớn become a famous tourist destination, so you need lớn buy an entrance ticket khổng lồ go inside lớn explore.

For sightseiing only: 50,000 VND/personFor a tour with a guide: 100,000 VND/personFor a tour with pick up and food services: 400,000 VND/person


Hoi An silk village

Highlights of the visit lớn Hoian silk village

Visit traditional house

Coming to Hoian Silk Village, you will have the opportunity lớn visit the ancient house which is called "ruong" house. It is a type of traditional old house of Vietnam, dating from the 19th century. The house has 3 compartments, 2 wings. In the largest house located in the center of the silk village, there is an altar of the Silk Queen, Tang Doan Quy Phi, who took an important role in encouraging silkworm farming in Hoian.

Admire the showroom

Another place lớn visit in the village is the showrooms of silk products, where thousands of textiles and various completed costumes are exhibited. There you can find silk fabrics in different colors & patterns, and learn how khổng lồ differentiate between pure silk và artificial silk. The showroom has a collection of 100 costumes by 54 ethnic minority groups in Vietnam, a gallery of ao dai, traditional Vietnamese silk clothing for women.


Visit Hoi An silk village showroom

Learn the Process of Making Silk

Learning the process to make silk is one of the main purposes why tourists coming here. Here, the guide will introduce you khổng lồ the steps khổng lồ make silk, from kinds of caterpillars, how to lớn feed the caterpillar, khổng lồ unraveling silk. You will be surprised by how hard the process is. Khổng lồ make qualified silk, you will need khổng lồ use 40 cocoons. Depending on the chất lượng and processing time, the price is different. High-quality yarn costs up lớn VND 1.800.000/ meter.


Learn process making silk

Buy Souvenirs

When in Hoian, especially Hoian Silk Village, bởi not miss your chance to buy some silk products as souvenirs for your beloved at home. That is also a great way to tư vấn local artisans. There is a wide range of items for you lớn choose from such as scarves, dresses, shirts, và tops… You can just buy pieces of fabric, then have your clothes made later. Hoian has hundreds of tailors in many shops where you can have your clothes made in different styles. The price is reasonable and the quality is great.

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Buy souvenirs at Silk Village shop

What you can do and see in Hoian Silk Village

Take Silk Village Tour

There are two kinds of tours khổng lồ Silk village daily. The tour includes pick-up & drop-off services, a welcome mulberry drink, bottled water, lunch or dinner at the Hoian Silk Village Restaurant, & a local guide.

A short 45-minute tour to lớn Hoi An Silk Village

You can start the tour anytime between 8:30 a.m. To lớn 4:30 p.m daily. However, you will need to lớn make your own way to lớn the village if you take the short tour.

The tour is priced at VND 100,000, where you can visit all of the ancient houses, museums, và mulberry garden.

A four-hour tour to Hoi An Silk Village

You need to lớn book the tour in advance as we need time lớn arrange the tour. It includes hotel pick up, 4-course lunch or dinner. The tour can start anytime from 9:00 khổng lồ 2:00 p.m.

A four-hour tour costs VND 400,000, where they can get a more hands-on experience of harvesting mulberry leaves, feeding silkworms, & deciphering between true and synthetic silk.


Silk Tour Hoi An

Stay at Hoian silk village Resort và Spa

Hoi An Silk Village Resort and spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp is a 4-star hotel located inside the village. The hotel features 52 beautifully appointed guest rooms and offers an excellent variety of recreational facilities, including a private beach, fitness center, sauna, outdoor pool, spa. Staying at the resorts and spa, you will be surprised và impressed by a fresh and green atmosphere, luxurious guest rooms with a private balcony or terrace, & views of the pool, lake, & garden.

Enjoy food and drink at bars và restaurants

Restaurants in Hoian Silk Village have a peaceful setting overlooking the pool & tropical gardens & serves a wide selection of Western, Asian, & traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Traditional Quang nam food like “cao lau” (a soup made with noodles, pork, & greens), “mi Quang” (noodles in quang quẻ Nam’s style), & “com nieu” (rice cooked in an earthenware pot) are among the best Vietnamese dishes here in the restaurant.

Besides food, the drink here is amusing. I would recommend the refreshing và fruity Silk Village Mulberry drink which is made from local mulberry juice, lime juice, orange juice, sprite, and costs 55.000 VND. The drinks menu contains a standard selection of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages, prices comparable to that of other restaurants around town, with local beers starting at 30,000 VND.


Hoi An silk village surrounding

Tips on Visiting Hoian Silk Village

Do not skip the refreshing drink in the Silk Village. It costs less than 3 USD, made from orange juice, lime juice, mulberry juice, và sprite.

Staying at hotels belonging khổng lồ Silk group, you will be offered a không lấy phí shuttle bus from the khách sạn to the village, you also bởi not need to lớn buy an entrance ticket to lớn enter this place.

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Although the price for the silk and silk sản phẩm in Hoian Silk village can be higher than it is in other shops in Hoian, the chất lượng is great.