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We continue to provide the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as the flu vaccine. Current COVID-19 Health Protection màn chơi is High.MoreDetails


COVID-19 vaccines: All Veterans, spouses and caregivers can get a COVID-19 vaccine at VA. Visit our vaccine information page.

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For VA-specific information: Read our coronavirus FAQs và public health response, or use our coronavirus chatbot.

Prepare for a visit: Everyone entering our facilities is screened, và visitors are limited. Face coverings are mandatory. For some needs, you may be able to get care at trang chủ by phone or video.

For the latest coronavirus information: Visit the CDC website.

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Honoring America’s Veterans with quality health care services, part of the largest integrated health care ...

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COVID-19 Health Protection cấp độ isMediumOur Health Protection level has been downgraded lớn Medium, based on community transmission levels. While we still require facility-provided surgical masks in our facilities, visitor restrictions are lifted. Please chú ý the Community Living Center (and Green House homes) may have stricter rules based on patient COVID-19 cases. Please liên hệ the social worker or nurse manager for your loved one"s unit for information.COVID-19 VaccinationsWe have the bivalent booster! For most people ages 12 và older, the bivalent booster can be given at least two months after completion of any primary COVID-19 vaccination series, or after the last booster dose received. Hotline now lớn schedule your appointment, 224-610-3899!Pediatric TRICARE beneficiaries, ages 6 months to lớn 17, hotline 800-941-4501 to lớn schedule. Pediatric patients must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.Please go lớn our COVID-19 vaccination page for the latest information:COVID-19 Vaccines.Vaccinations are given at the main hospital in North Chicago. Park in the four-story garage, come in the four flagpole/valet parking Ambulatory Care Clinic (Bldg. 133EF) entrance, where screeners will issue surgical masks and direct you lớn the Immunizations Clinic in Bldg. 133EF (Ambulatory Care Clinic). Don’t forget your vaccination card.

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PACT ActThe PACT Act is a historic new law that expands VA health care & benefits for veterans exposed to lớn burn pits and other toxic substances. The law empowers VA khổng lồ provide generations of veterans - and their survivors - with the care & benefits they"ve earned và deserve.Any veteran or survivor wanting to lớn apply can learn more about the PACT Act by visiting VA.gov/PACT or calling 1-800-MY-VA-411 (800-698-2411). The viethanquangngai.edu.vn viethanquangngai.edu.vn points of liên hệ are Lisa Murphy, 224-610-5514 or Velma Johnson, 224-610-5517.Mpox (Monkeypox):Mpox isa viral infection with a painful or uncomfortable rash or sores, often with flu-like symptoms. Overall, this is still a rare infection.If you think you"ve been exposed or you"re at high risk, talk to lớn your doctor about options lớn get vaccinated. We are giving the vaccine khổng lồ patients in high-risk categories. Patients who want lớn learn more should talk lớn their viethanquangngai.edu.vn viethanquangngai.edu.vn primary care provider.Find more information, go khổng lồ Monkeypox Information.Other resources:CDC"s websiteor Lake County Public Health website. Learn more »