Whether you have a layover, overnight sleepover or you are just quickly passing through, our Ho Chi Minh City Airport Guide is a great place to lớn start planning your visit. Here, you’ll find information on services & facilities available inside the airport – including details about airport lounges, WiFi, di động charging points, lockers, 24-hour food options, nearby hotels, và everything in between.

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I had lớn bribe my way out of a few situations in the baggage screening room. They will discretely bribe you for money. Once, I gave sầu this guy some cash, he opened his wallet to put it away and I saw his wallet full of different currencies (US $, Canadian $, Euros). I’m certain bribes happen often. – Nicole

SGN Airport Overview

To help you plan your layover or overnight sleepover, here is a quick run-down of what travellers have sầu reported to lớn us during their time at Ho Chi Minc City Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

What lớn ExpectHo Chi Minh City Airport (Code: SGN) consists of two terminals: international and a domestic. T1 has been fairly recently renovated & is generally nicer than T2’s facilities.Recent improvements have sầu made security lines better than the past, & the staff doesn’t take issue with overnight guests.Flights depart around the cloông xã, so travellers are around all night.Restaurants cchiến bại by 11pm.Sleeping in Ho Chi Minc City Airport
Landside in the International Terminal has the most space for sleeping. The first floor doesn’t have sầu much seating but it is quiet. The third floor’s Wellwishers Gallery has much more seating, and seems that many travellers overnight in this area – it is noisier though (Trvthseeker, March 2013).There is sleep zone in the International terminal with sleep chairs và paid sleep pods. See Rest Zones in the guide below.Once cafes và restaurants cthua trận, travellers had success moving chairs & benches around for more comfortable resting – some even saw airport staff doing this too.The airport is hot & the air conditioner seems weak.Coronavirut Update

Due lớn the current Covid-19 pandemic, all services & times listed below are subject to lớn change. Some services và facilities may remain closed or operate with reduced hours. Airport tips and suggestions in this guide and elsewhere on the site were written before March 20đôi mươi và may no longer be valid. If you are planning khổng lồ sleep in the public area of the terminal overnight, have a back-up plan! We’ve sầu heard from a few travellers at other airports và they were not permitted to lớn stay overnight. We’re not sure if that will apply to this airport, until a reader lets us know the current situation. If you have some time to spare please write a review, skết thúc a tip or mô tả photos to help future travellers.

For more airport information continue scrolling down lớn explore more in our Tan Son Nhat Airport Guide.

In this guide we may refer khổng lồ locations as “landside” & “airside”. Landside is the public area of the terminal located in the non-secure zone, before security. Airside is the secure area of the terminal that you must reach by going through security. For more information on Europe’s Schengen Area, clichồng here.

Airport Hotels & Sleep Pods

If sleeping in the airport does not appeal to lớn you, there are hotels near Ho Chi Minh City airport:

Sleep Pods – Location: International, Airside, 2nd floor hallway, near 21 – 22. There are 24 không tính tiền sleep chairs & 10 paid sleep boxes. The sleep boxes are 4 square meters/ room và come equipped with beds, pillows, drinks, towels, lamps, power outlets, etc. Price: USD 7/ hour. Extra cost: USD 4 for up lớn 30 mins, USD 7 for 30-60 mins.

To see more options there is a list of hotels near Ho Chi Minc City Airport on Tripadvisor that can be sorted by price, distance, traveller rating và popularity.

Airport Lounges

Pay-per-use, Single Visit Passes và Lounge Memberships

Regardless of what class of service you are flying, there are lounges that you can enter by paying at the door, purchasing a lounge pass or through a lounge membership program. Visit the individual lounge page for more details about the lounge itself & lớn also find out how you can gain lounge access with just an economy class ticket!

Passes Le Saigonnais Business Lounge – Location: Domestic Terminal, Airside, in front of Gate 11. Lounge Access: Prepaid lounge passes • Lounge membership programs.

PassesOrchid Lounge – Location: International Terminal, Airside, 2nd Floor, near Gate 9. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door (USD 30 for 3 hours) • Prepaid lounge passes • Lounge membership programs.

Lotus Lounge 1 – Location: Domestic Terminal, Airside, 1st Floor, near Gate 7. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door (VND 350,000 or US$ 17 for 3 hours).

Lotus Lounge 2 – Location: International Terminal, Airside, 3rd Floor. Showers are available. Pay at the Door (USD 30 for 3 hours).

Airport WiFi/Internet

Free unlimited WiFi is available at Tan Son Nhat Airport in the Domestic và International terminals. Connect to lớn the “FreeWifi TanSonNhat AirPort” network.

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More Services, Facilities và Things To Do On A Layover At The Airport

CommunicationsPost Office – Location: located beside D2 entrance Domestic terminal or via the TIA Information Counters at International terminal & Domestic terminal. If you want to send letters & postcards to friends và family you can skết thúc postcards from the airport via the information desks.Family ServicesChildren’s Play Area – Location: International Terminal, Airside, near gate 26-27. The play area offers foam carpet, a play house, games và more.Food và DrinksDrinking Water – Thirsty? Drinking water fountains are available không tính phí of charge. Locations:Domestic Terminal – Airside, opposite gates 5, 10 and 16.International Terminal – Airside, opposite gates 15, 16 & 18 • baggage carousel No.1 & 6 (Arrival Hall), transit/transfer area.Food & Drinks – A reader tells us there are 24-food options before và after security. (June 2019)InformationInformation Counters – Various locations. Vietnamese & English are spoken.Domestic Terminal – Check-in, opposite C & D Islvà. (Hours: 5:00AM – 8:00PM).International Terminal – Main Hall (Hours: 7:30AM – 12:00AM) • Check-in area opposite C and D Island (Hours: 7:30AM – 12:00AM) • Lounge area Gate 10-14. (Hours: 7:30AM – 12:00AM).LuggageBaggage Trolleys – Need a hvà with your luggage? Baggage trolleys are available. You cannot take them through security, but the airport provides smaller trolleys Airside as well.Baggage Wrapping – Various locations. Price: VND 80.000 – 100.000 (depend on the baggage size).Domestic Terminal – near D2 entrance, opposite the check-in area row A và B and escalator of departures areaInternational Terminal – near D1 & D2 entrance.Luggage Storage & Lockers – Location: International Arrivals Terminal, ground floor, near by column 13 và 14. Hours: open 24 hours. Rates: under 10 hours (VND 27,500 /piece per hour) • over 10 hours (VND 275,000 /piece per day).Medical ServicesMedical Services – In case of emergency, contact the Hỗ trợ tư vấn (08) 38 485 383 – 3408. All medical office are open 24 hours.Domestic Terminal – Lobby, near D2 entrance. Phone number: (08) 38 485 383 – 3307International Terminal – Boarding gate 18 • Boarding gate 17 • Arrivals Hall, A2 Entrance, next to lớn Mai Linc Taxi service counters.sản phẩm điện thoại Chargingdi động Charging – Free charging stations can be found in in the Domestic Terminal at the following locations: D1 entrance, opposite Vietphái nam Airlines self check-in kiosk • Vietjet Air waiting area, opposite Gate 16-17 • 1st floor, opposite security screening kiểm tra area • 1st floor waiting area, opposite Gate 10-11 và 11-12.MoneyATMs / Cash Machines – Need cash? ATMs are available. Machines are operated by Vietinbank, HSBC, Agribank, Ngân hàng MB, Shinhan Bank, ANZ, Eximngân hàng, Vietcomngân hàng, Commonwealth Bank, Citingân hàng, Ngân Hàng BIDV. Fees may apply, so be sure to lớn check your bank’s fee schedule and your daily withdrawal limit if you are travelling internationally. You may also want lớn notify your ngân hàng of your travel plans.Domestic terminal – There are 6 machines on the ground floor opposite the D2 entrance, Departure Hall và 7 machines on the ground floor opposite the D2 entrance.International terminal – There are 13 machines are located behind D1 & D2 entrance, Departure Hall.Banking Services – VietinBank at Domestic Terminal, opposite D2 entrance.Currency Exchange – Various locations in the International Terminal: Airside, near gates 17 và 18 • Landside, opposite check-in area row D, (Departure Hall) • On the left outside the immigration counters (Arrival Hall) • Lobby platkhung of Arrival Hall.Rest và RelaxationRest Zone – There are two relaxation areas available for passengers to rest while waiting for boarding time.Relaxing Zone – Location: International Terminal, Airside, 2nd floor hallway, near gate 6-9. 12 chairs. Price: USD 5/ hour (one miễn phí soft drink).Sleeping Zone – Location: International, Airside, 2nd floor hallway, near 21 – 22. There are 24 không tính phí sleep chairs and 10 paid sleep boxes. The sleep boxes are 4 square meters/ room & come equipped with beds, pillows, drinks, towels, lamps, power outlets, etc. Price: USD 7/ hour. Extra cost: USD 4 for up to lớn 30 mins, USD 7 for 30-60 mins.

Take precaution even when sleeping in the rest zones. In December 2019, a traveller at another airport reported that money và credit cards had been stolen from their bag even though the bag was right beside them. Protect and lochồng your bags as you would sleeping elsewhere in public.

ShoppingDuty Free & Shopping -There is Duty Free available at the airport. Hours: unknown. There are also a small number of other shops available.

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VAT Refund – Location: Terminal 2, Airside, 2nd Floor, near gate 6-9. Hours: 8:00AM – 10:00PM.Showers, Salon & SpaMassagesDomestic Terminal – Massages are offered at Sen Viet Spage authority – Location: Airside, opposite gate 10.International Terminal – A foot spa is located airside on the 3rd Floor và Relaxing lounge is located airside on 2nd Floor near gate 6-9.SmokingSmoking RoomsDomestic Terminal – Airside, Departure Hall, opposite Gate 14International Terminal – Airside, Departure Hall, opposite Gates 15 and 18.