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10°26′18″N 107°07′45″E / 10.438240854892907°N 107.12903539526451°E

Gò Găng Island

đảo Gò Găng

Country Vietnam
ProvinceBà Rịa–Vũng Tàu
 • Total30 km2 (10 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (Indochina Time)

Go Gang ("đảo Gò Găng") is an island that is part of Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu province, Vietnam

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View from Go Gang Bridge


Go Gang Island is located in the Long Son commune of Vung Tau and is about 3 km southwest of the đô thị center of Vung Tau. The 30km2 island borders rivers on three sides and the sea on another.[1] Surrounded by tributaries of the Mekong Delta and Dinh River, its topography includes also a system of forests, ponds, and lakes. On the west, it neighbors Long Sơn Island, with the two islands connected by Chà Và Bridge.[2] It is connected đồ sộ Vung Tau đô thị on the East through Gò Găng Bridge.[2]


Historically, Go Gang has been a relatively deserted island featuring minimal infrastructure, with a boat required đồ sộ travel đồ sộ the island and no connections đồ sộ municipal water or electricity.[1] By 2005, the Go Gang bridge projects began đồ sộ stimulate economic development and investment.[1] With the construction of Go Gang Bridge connecting into National Highway 51, living and conducting business on the island became a more viable prospect. Wind power stations were introduced in September 2011 đồ sộ alleviate poverty. [3] In năm ngoái, re-zoning plans were reviewed for the island đồ sộ assess whether bác sĩ development would be possible without deeply damaging the island's natural habitat. [4]

In 2020, officials of the Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu province established their intent towards making the island its centerpiece for a new economic zone that would emphasize sustainable development by zoning 57% of the island for urban construction.[5] This would include housing, shopping complexes, a local fishing center, and other infrastructure.[5] The plan would also have housing for 65,000 residents on the island.[5]

Go Gang Airport[edit]

In 2020, official plans were announced for a new Go Gang airport covering 248.5 hectacres southwest of Gành Rái Bay and northwest of the Chà Và River. [6] Its aim is đồ sộ replace the Vũng Tàu Airport in order đồ sộ increase capacity for travel and tourism. A site has been approved for the construction of the airport.[6]

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