2023 Cu Chi Ben Duoc Tunnels


Are you planning to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam during your stay in Ho Chi Minh City?If so, you can do it in 2 ways: paying for a group tour, or spending a fraction of the money buying a bus ticket and doing it on your own. This post is all about the latest.

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Which Cu Chi Tunnels to Visit (Ben Duoc vs Ben Dinh)

Most guided tours around Ho Chi Minh City drive tourists to Ben Dinh. The Ben Dinh tunnels are the ones that were reconstructed and widened by the Vietnamese government so tourists could fit in there.

On the other hand, the tunnels in Ben Duoc are a part of the authentic Cu Chi network of tunnels used during the war, and only a few of the tunnels were widened for tourism. Plus, you can get there fairly quickly by public bus, so you should visit the ones in Ben Duoc.


Public Bus to the Cu Chi Tunnels

The bus trip from Ho Chi Minh City to the Ben Duoc Cu Chi Tunnels will take around 2h20.

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Go to the Ho Chi Minh Bus Station at the western end of Backpacker Street (Pham Ngu Lao) in District 1. Hop on Bus Nº13 to Cu Chi Station (buses leave every 30 minutes, more or less).The tickets are purchased inside the bus and cost 20.000 VND / €0.78 / $0.84 USD per person. This is the first part of the trip and it’ll take 1h30.


When you reach the Cu Chi Station — and if you want to keep saving money — you’ll have to swerve around the horde of taxi drivers offering their services to the tourists that got off the bus. They’ll say there are no more buses onwards and taking a taxi is the only alternative. That’s not true.Smile, and look around for Bus Nº79.



Hop on Bus Nº79 and buy the ticket to Ben Duoc from the ticket agent. This ticket will be a further 7.000 VND / €0.27 / $0.30 USD and the trip will take around 40 minutes. We asked the ticket agent to let us know where we needed to get off and he did.

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Nonetheless, after 40 minutes you’ll reach an intersection with two blue traffic signs pointing to Ben Duoc (left) and Ben Dinh (right). The bus will turn left and ten minutes later (around 3kms) you’ll have to hop off. Here’s the spot:


After hopping off, cross the road, walk 0.5 km to the ticket booth, and then another 0.5 km walk to the ticket checking.If you have any doubts, ask a local! They’re super friendly and know that if you’re on Bus Nº79, you plan to visit the Ben Duoc tunnels. As we mentioned before, only group tours go to Ben Dinh.