How To Travel From Haiphong To Cat Ba Island


We travelled across Ha Long Bay on the Cat Ba Isl& Ferry to Cat Ba Isl&, which is way cheaper than any local private boats or day trips.

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The total cost of the trip, ferry plus bus on Cat Ba Island, was around $4.60. Here’s how lớn vì chưng it…

Head to Tuần Châu Island

After staying the night in an interesting, by which I mean slightly seedy, khách sạn near Ha Long Bay we phối out lớn get over lớn Cat Ba Island as cheaply as possible.

We walked the nearly 6 km from our khách sạn, over the Tuần Châu bridge & lớn the ferry terminal with our backpacks on.

It was slightly sweaty at times but we stopped at a spooky khách sạn, which appeared to lớn have no guests, for a cup of tea about half way. It reminded us a little too much of The Shining but we survived our visit regardless!

To save the sweat and tea you can just get a xe taxi over from Ha Long Bay, but this a very touristy place so be sure they turn the meter on before you phối off to avoid a high fixed price.

Tuần Châu island is a curious place and in a few years will look very different from today. Giant billboards show the planned development lớn turn it from a sleepy thoroughfare into lớn what looks lượt thích the Dubai of northern Vietnam giới. Good luông xã with that.

Find Tuan Chau Ferry Terminal

We eventually reached the Cat Ba Isl& ferry terminal at the far kết thúc of the harbor on the south side of Tuần Châu islvà. To find it, walk past the main coach park and terminal from which all the day trips & private boats leave.

You’ll see the building below, this is where you can grab some ferry tickets. It’s all very clearly signed và easy to spot.


Our tickets cost 70,000 VND (now 80,000 VND – $3.40 USD in 2018) each for a one way trip to lớn Cat Ba island.


If you’ve sầu run out of cash, there’s a Vietcombank ATM conveniently located right next lớn the Cat Ba Isl& ferry terminal, as shown below.

There’s also a siêu thị & a couple of places to lớn grab a bit to lớn eat if there’s a big wait for the next ferry.


Cat Ba Islvà Ferry Timetable and Prices

As mentioned it was 70,000 VND per person but below are the prices for motorbikes, cars etc as of năm 2016. Add another 10,000 VND or so lớn these prices in 2018.

As shown at the bottom, the Cat Ba Islvà ferry runs in both directions just 3 times a day in the low season & 5 times in the high season.

Apparently, the service is prone lớn cancelations but was running fine when we did this journey in 2016.


We jumped onkhổng lồ the 3pm ferry và were soon enjoying the stunning views from the Cat Ba Islvà ferry as it weaved its way through the towering limestone karsts. The journey through Ha Long Bay took around 1 hour & was very relaxing & peaceful.

The vessel is just a basic open platkhung car ferry with plenty of seating if you climb upstairs. There’s very limited shelter if it rains though, just something to be aware of.

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The Local Island Bus to lớn Cat Ba Town

We docked on the north over of Cat Ba island at Bến phả Gia Luận ferry terminal and looked for the local bus lớn Cat Ba town. The bus is timed lớn meet the ferry và transport locals across the isl& so was there when we arrived.

We jumped on board và paid once it had phối off. It cost 25,000 VND (now 30,000 VND $1.20 USD) per person và takes around 30 minutes lớn reach Cat Ba Town.

There are private taxis & minivans waiting around but these might scam you with a sky-high price.

The road is a bit bumpy in places but the island scenery itself is stunning with some small settlements along the way. It felt like we had been transported to another world.

What Can You Do on Cat Ba Island?

Before you go there, be sure to check out our post on stuff to lớn see và bởi vì on Cat Ba Islvà for some ideas for when you arrive sầu. Including the super spooky Hospital Cave!

Also, rethành viên to lớn book your accommodation on Cat Ba Isl& ahead of your visit.

The isl& is a very popular getaway destination for locals và can become super busy during Vietnamese public holidays & celebrations.

Hydrofoil from Cat Ba to lớn Hai Phong

We chose to get the boat directly to Hai Phong rather than back to lớn Hanoi. This is the igiảm giá route if you plan to lớn head south along the coast of Vietnam from here.

The Hydrofoil departs from the Bến tàu Cát Bà pier in the centre of Cat Ba town just behind the big fancy monument. Make sure you get a ticket from the official vendor as there can be a few touts hanging around the pier.

After around 1 hour or so you’ll arrive sầu at the Bến tàu khách hàng Bến Bính in Hai Phong. It’s less than 1.5 km khổng lồ the central area và train station from the pier so, easily walkable.

Hai Phong is a fairly industrial town with not a lot on offer to lớn stick around for but it seemed friendly enough. We stopped there for one night to lớn break up the journey but you could just jump onkhổng lồ a bus or train and head on.

Book Onward Travel from Hai Phong

From the central rail station, you can catch a train west to lớn from Hai Phong to lớn Hanoi for around 130,000 VND. The journey is just over 2 hours.

If you want to head south then a bus is the best option. It’s a 2.5-hour journey down khổng lồ Ninc Binch and costs around 190,000 VND.

Here you can jump off the trail và chill after a short taxi ride to lớn the picturesque Tam Coc Village.

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We always recommkết thúc 12Go Asia for booking any transport tickets in advance. In Vietnam, you can usually use the e-ticket which is emailed to you so no messing around with printing or mạng internet cafes. Yay.