Located in the south central coast of Vietphái mạnh, Nha Trang is one of the top favorite cities for both domestic và abroad tourists. The charming coastal đô thị is listed as one of the top beautiful beaches in the world. To get khổng lồ the city from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, you can choose from a variety of transportation such as buses or trains. Besides, the faschạy thử way is by plane. However, there’s no airport in Nha Trang đô thị.

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Seated 35 km away from central Nha Trang, Nha Trang airport, also usually called Cam Ranh airport is the nearest airport. Therefore, for first-time travelers lớn Nha Trang, we offer you 15 essential things you should know before making a trip to lớn this famous seaside resort-town.

1. About Nha Trang airport

Nha Trang airport (airport code: CXR), also known as Cam Ranh airport is located at Cam Ranh town, which is about 1-hour of driving from the thành phố center of Nha Trang. The airport resides at an elevation of 12 meters above sầu the mean sea màn chơi & covers a total area of 50,500 sqm. Since 2004, Cam Ranh has become the only airport to lớn connect Nha Trang with domestic cities. Also, the airport was upgraded khổng lồ an international airport in 2007.

Overview of international terminal - Nha Trang airport.

2. Bird-nest shape

As one of the busiest airports in Vietnam, Nha Trang airport keeps growing in scale to welcome more passengers every year. In 2018, the new terminal was designed and built with a quality architecture. Inspiration for the design và architecture of the new terminal was taken from Salanganes’ nest, a popular bird’s nest seen in Khanh hao Hoa Province. The swallow bird nest is considered lớn have sầu high nutritive value & sold as signature food in Nha Trang as well as across Vietphái nam.

Overview of international terminal - Nha Trang airport.

3. Fourth busiest airport in Vietnam

Being the airport of the top tourist attraction in Vietphái mạnh, Nha Trang airport welcomed over 10 million passengers in 2019 and the number is still phenomenally growing. The newly built international terminal serves more than 8 flights per day at peak season, processing up lớn 14,500 passengers on a given busy day. As a result, Nha Trang airport makes its way khổng lồ fourth place in the danh mục of the busiest airports in Vietnam giới, following Tan Son Nhat airport at Ho Chi Minch thành phố, Noi Bai airport in Hanoi và Danang airport.

4. Flights khổng lồ Nha Trang airport

The international flights lớn Nha Trang airport are only available for Asian countries such as: Republic of Korea, Trung Quốc, Russia, nhật bản, Singapore, Xứ sở nụ cười Thái Lan, etc. While there’s no direct flight from Europe or North America, you can find many connecting flights from Taipei, Hong Kong, Shangnhì, Bangkok, Tokyo, etc.

On the other hvà, you can choose to lớn fly lớn Vietnam’s big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minc và Danang và then take a local flight from there to Nha Trang. Also, it takes you around 1-2 hours of flying from Ho Chi Minch & Hanoi to Nha Trang & get ready for the tropical getaway. Besides, here is our ultimate guideline for the best travelling experience.

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5. Terminal

Nha Trang airport has two terminals for domestic passengers (T1) và international passengers (T2). Two terminals located right next to each other and only take you about 2-min of walking khổng lồ each. Both terminals have sầu 2 floors including first floor for arrival passengers và second floor for departure passengers. Those are fully filled with international standards facilities và services such as food courts, duty-không tính tiền shopping kiosk, transportation lớn the city center, free wife, lounge & sleepover services.

For flying on time & avoid any unexpected convenience when travelling, make sure you note down the time of processing:

Domestic flights: Check-in kiosks will open 2 hours và close 30 minutes before boardingInternational flights: Check-in kiosks will open 3 hours and cthảm bại 40 minutes before boarding

6. Arrival process

For international passengers flying lớn Vietphái mạnh, you will have to go through 4-step process:

Quarantine & immigration checkBaggage claimCustoms inspectionArrival hall

Vietnam giới is luckily not so complicated when it comes lớn visa policies. However, confusion can always arise. Therefore, make sure you read through this before planning your trip to Nha Trang. For the visa application process before immigration, you can choose from: tourist, transit & business visa depending on your visit purpose. You can apply for online visa with ease by visiting the government site. Vietphái mạnh also offers visa on arrival, however, this process has not been applied khổng lồ Nha Trang airport yet. Thus, make sure you’re holding a visa when arriving at Nha Trang airport.

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7. Information desks

Besides, you can seek onsite support at Nha Trang airport information desk which is located on the 1st floor, Center of Passengers terminal.

8. Nha Trang airport food

When waiting for your flight, you can choose from a wide range of local and international cuisine restaurants and food courts to have a meal. Also, you can enjoy signature Pho or Bun Bo before leaving Vietphái nam or grab a fast food international khuyễn mãi giảm giá with well-known brands. Besides, a cup of coffee from shops can keep you awake all the time. Plus, don"t get yourself too full before arriving the thành phố. Here is our suggestion for top mouth-watering dishes.


9. Nha Trang airport sleepover

In case you’re planning for your layover or overnight sleepover at Nha Trang airport, you have some options lớn consider. You can enter by paying at the door, purchasing a lounge pass or with a membership program. There are 3 lounges available at Nha Trang airport. You are recommended to visit each site for more detail, regardless of what class of service you are flying. List of lounges and location:

The Champ Lounge: T1, domestic departure, near gate 8. Sun Coast Lounge: T2, opposite gate 1-3, shower available. Vietnam Airlines Lotus Lounge: T2, opposite gate 8-10, shower available.

10. Banking services

Beside the currency exchange you can easily find on the arrival hall, Nha Trang airport is also well equipped with ATMs from some popular Vietnam banks for your instant cash withdrawal. Moreover, fees may apply, so make sure you check on your bank’s fee. The ATMs can be found at both arrival & departure hall at T1 và T2.

11. Shopping

When you have lớn wait for your flight or have some time lớn kill before your departure, you can go shopping at duty-miễn phí shops. There’s plenty of goods you can expect such as cosmetics, perfume, fashion items, accessories, food, liquor, tobacco, etc. Besides, you can buy your last-minute gifts for your friends và families. There’re many choices for a souvenir such as fine art products, handcrafts, textile with local touch.

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12. SIM Card

Despite the SIM card in Vietnam is cheap, you can use the 3G/4G data packages with high tốc độ. At Nha Trang airport, you can easily find SIM card stalls at the arrival hall. The top three popular networks in Vietphái mạnh are Mobifone, Vinaphone & Viettel. The SIM card usually costs about 5-10 USD so it’s a good idea to buy them right at the airport.

13. Free services at Nha Trang airport

Beside paid-per-use service, Nha Trang airport also offers you không tính phí services such as wifi, water, chargers. For wifi, you need to look for the available network with the same name to lớn Nha Trang/ Cam Ranh airport. Then, follow the instructions lớn get connected. For water, you can drink directly or fill your bottle with drinking fountains at departure halls. Also, you can find chargers with both lightning, micro-USB và USB-C connectors. Outlets are also available for máy vi tính chargers.

14. Travel to lớn the city

Nha Trang airport is about 35 km away lớn the south from central Nha Trang. It takes you nearly 1-hour of driving. You can choose khổng lồ travel to the city with various options for transportation: buses, xe taxi, booking car services, khách sạn shuttle, etc.


You can choose to travel with public buses which is one the cheapest ways or shuttle buses of airline companies.For public buses, Dat Moi bus is one of the best options thanks khổng lồ reasonable price và good service. The buses operate 24 round trips per day from 5.30am to lớn 21.50pm. The bus type is 30-seat with comfortable seats và air-conditioning. Also, you will have to pay $2-$3 per person. For airline buses, you can choose from popular airlines in Vietnam such as Jetstar, Vietjet, etc. The ticket is sold online or on the flight. Thus, you can ask cabin crew for support.


The taxi service at arrival hall is now under Airport Taxi which costs you about $13-$15 per trip. Meanwhile, you can walk to lớn the gate và go with other xe taxi services at the cost of $9-$11 per trip. Phone number of some popular taxi services:

Like Uber or Lyft, there are some popular booking oto platforms such as Grab, Bee, etc. The cost is usually at the rate of $9-$11, cheaper than taking a xe taxi. Furthermore, you can avoid taxi scam with price & route displayed on the phầm mềm. Plus, you will need some internet connection lớn install the application before making the booking. However, the service booking cars are not allowed to enter the airport’s arrival hall. Thus, you need to lớn walk outside to meet your driver.

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Hotel shuttle bus

Beside above listed transportation, you can tương tác your khách sạn in advance to lớn book the shuttle bus service. Some hotels will include the service at room rate but mostly you will have sầu khổng lồ pay an extra fee.

15. Nearby hotels

In case you want lớn live sầu somewhere near the Nha trang airport, you can choose from a danh mục of various hotels in the area:

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Long Beach Nha Trang Distance to the airport: 10.3 kmAddress: Nguyen Tat Tkhô hanh, Cam Lam, Kkhô giòn Hoa


Fusion Resort Cam RanhDistance to the airport: 5.4 kmAddress: Nguyen Tat Tkhô hanh, Cam Lam, Kkhô giòn Hoa

Credit: Agodomain

Navy Cam Ranh HotelDistance khổng lồ the airport: 7.2 kmAddress: 2A Nguyen Chi Thanh khô, Cam Nghia, Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa


Swandor Cam Ranh HotelDistance lớn the airport: 4.0 kmAddress: Nguyen Tat Tkhô nóng, Cam Hai Dong, Cam Lam, Khanh Hoa

Golden Peak Resort & Spage authority Distance lớn the airport: 3.5 kmAddress: Nguyen Tat Thanh hao, Cam Hai Dong, Cam Lam, Khanh khô Hoa