Da Nang To Hoi An


If you’re planning a trip lớn Vietphái mạnh, there are two places that really must be included on your itinerary: Da Nang và Hoi An. Da Nang, with its set of old and new architecture, và history as a French colonial port, has so much to see and do, and it boasts gorgeous White sand beaches & clear xanh waters if you fancy a few days of relaxation too. Then there’s Hoi An, with its wonderful historic district. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hoi An’s trading port dates from the period between the 15th and 19th century & is very well preserved. Be sure to see the Japanese Covered Bridge và stroll its ambient streets. Being so cthảm bại together, it’s easy khổng lồ visit both of these destinations even if you only have a short time to lớn spkết thúc in Vietphái nam.

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Getting from Da Nang to lớn Hoi An is quichồng & easy because these two cities are separated by only around 30 kilometers (19 miles). Hoi An sits just khổng lồ the south of Da Nang, and you can take the scenic coastal road lớn travel there, or choose one of the roads that goes a little more inl&. You can make the journey by public bus or by taxi which includes private xe taxi companies that operate vans, minivans và sedans, or you could rent a car or a motorbike and drive yourself. Renting a oto could be good if you’re planning to lớn take a slow drive and you’re perhaps thinking of traveling onwards khổng lồ another destination, but when compared lớn the reasonable cost of taking a private xe taxi, renting a oto may not be worth the extra expense. A motorbike, however, is far more reasonable and can be fun, but not advisable if you’ve sầu never ridden one before và aren’t familiar with Vietnamese roads.


A large majority of travelers opt for the public bus service và there are several reasons for this. First, the bus is definitely the cheapest way khổng lồ travel so if you’re traveling on a budget và are watching every penny you spend, the bus is bound to be your best option! The second reason for taking the bus is cultural. Public buses are there for the public, not just for tourists, so if you’re excited by sharing a bus with locals and immersing yourself a little more in their culture, you’ll love this option. The third reason for taking the bus is that they bởi vì depart frequently from Da Nang lớn Hoi An so you’ll never have sầu to lớn wait very long for the next bus, giving them a màn chơi of convenience not always seen with public buses in Asia!

So, which bus bởi vì you take? Well that will depover on where you’re starting from. You may have sầu arrived at Da Nang Airport và plan to lớn go directly khổng lồ Hoi An; in this case the bus is not the best option because the closest stop is about 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) distant from the airport so if you had to take a taxi to the bus stop you’re not really going to be saving any money! From Da Nang itself though, it’s a different story. There are plenty of bus stops và it’s easy to lớn remember which number bus you need as it’s Number 1! The buses are easy lớn spot as well because they’re bright yellow và they depart every đôi mươi minutes between 5:30am & 6pm.

The journey by bus from Da Nang lớn Hoi An will take longer than by taxi – it should be around 70 lớn 80 minutes – but for the cheap price of a ticket, the extra time spent on a bus could be well worth it!


For just a little more money you could travel with air conditioning và comfier seats if you opt for the tour company bus that departs from the bus station in Da Nang. This is on The Sinc Tourist Bus and it takes around 90 minutes to lớn get to lớn Hoi An.

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If you’re someone who prefers lớn travel more luxuriously, then a private taxi could be just what you need khổng lồ get from Da Nang to Hoi An! Taxis are definitely more expensive than the public buses, but when you’re sharing the xe taxi with several other passengers, they’re really very affordable. With a taxi you also have sầu greater flexibility to work around your existing schedule, & with pick-ups that can be arranged directly from Da Nang Airport, taxis can be a far better option than the public buses as you’ll get picked up right outside the terminal rather than first having to lớn make your way to lớn the bus stop.


Private xe taxi companies include Dibình thường Taxi và Tilặng Charter. Both of these companies offer pick-ups from the airport and from the center of Da Nang, so they can come directly to lớn your khách sạn if you’re staying in Da Nang for a few days before heading to Hoi An. Prices are comparable between these two companies also, so there’s not much to set them apart. One difference is that Diphổ biến Taxi provides service in three different vehicle types: a 9-passenger van, a minivan that can take 4 passengers, & a sedan which would hold two to three passengers. Tiim Charter also has the large vans & minivans but no sedans.

The journey time quoted for travel from Da Nang lớn Hoi An is one hour although you could well find that you get lớn Hoi An faster than this, depending on whether the taxi is making any other pick-ups along the way, và depending on where exactly in Da Nang you’re starting from. Being a shared xe taxi, you could be sharing it with strangers so if you’d rather not vày this you can always catch a standard taxi from the airport or from the center of Da Nang to Hoi An.

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And finally, there’s some options if you’re going straight from the Da Nang Airport, và that’s the Hoi An Express, Ditầm thường Taxi, và Tiyên Charter. Those private company operates large, modern vans that you can giới thiệu with other passengers, or you can choose one of their smaller vehicles if you want to travel on your own. They are reputedly very affordable and safe so could be another good option to get you from Da Nag khổng lồ Hoi An.