Nha Trang may be a coastal city, but serves up more than just seafood. Attracting more international tourists every year, the thành phố caters to lớn all kinds of tastes. So, what would you like to eat today? Burgers? Sushi? Kebab? Or would you prefer lớn keep it local and stiông xã to lớn noodle soups or some delicious seafood fried rice? Even if you haven’t decided yet, it doesn’t matter – let us help you choose a venue lớn go & indulge.

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Sandals is a fancy beach front eatery mix within Nha Trang’s iconic Sailing Club. Offering an intimate yet sophisticated ambiance, with a menu that serves Vietnamese and Mediterranean delicacies, Sandals Restaurant is led by master chef, Phil Ward from the UK who ensures that every dish is made to lớn perfection. Enjoy your meal indoors or on the verandomain authority with spectacular views of the East Sea. The sunmix will serve as a great backdrop khổng lồ your meal.

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A 10-minute walk from Tran Phu Beach, Lanterns is an eye-catching Hoi An-style restaurant decorated with traditional colorful Hoi An lanterns. The thực đơn is a phối of Vietnamese & Western cuisine which includes pasta, salads & sandwiches. The restaurant also specializes in hotpot, seafood claypots, Vietnamese curry và barbecued beef. Lanterns is gaining recognition for being an ethical restaurant, sourcing their food supplies from local fishing villages và using a proportion of profits lớn support local orphanages và providing scholarship programs and không tính phí lunches every week. Half day cooking classes are held four times a week.

Opening its doors at 8am, this Greek venue is perfect for breakfast, dinner & lunch. You can enjoy your meal seated on the terrace that overlooks the bustling Hung Vuong Street. Make sure lớn try the Athens-style souvlaki, a mixture of meat, tomatoes, onions, fries and tzatziki sauce wrapped up in a lightly grilled pita bread. For dessert, diners are served a complimentary Greek pudding. Do hotline ahead và reserve a seat during peak hours! Closed on Tuesdays.

Crowded from the morning till evening, Lac Canh is a favorite among locals. This restaurant is a chất lượng DIY experience – the ingredients lớn your choice of meal will be handed lớn you raw, along with a charcoal burner on which lớn grill. Their specialty is beef, richly marinated with spices, but other meat và seafood dishes are worth a try. Make sure khổng lồ order a plain banh mi baguette and lather it in the marinade lớn grill along with the beef.

Kiwangươi is a Japanese restaurant serving the best sushi in the whole of Nha Trang. The setting is intimate & authentic – you can perch on the bar stool và watch as the speciacác mục sushi master chef prepare the delicious rolls. As with any Japanese restaurant, Sake và Sapporo are available.

Ganesh is a famous Indian restaurant chain in Vietnam giới with branches in multiple cities. Conveniently located with a lively setting, delicious dishes and friendly, attentive staff, Ganesh is extremely popular with foreign tourists và expats. The extensive sầu food menu ranges from flatbreads of all sorts, paneers, và various appetizers, to lớn curries and biryani dishes. Vegan & vegetarian friendly.

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Always busy, this is another Greek joint that is a great place if you are craving some delicious Mediterranean cuisine. The presentation of the food is aesthetically pleasing, delicious in flavor, & portion sizes are generous. Make sure khổng lồ book ahead khổng lồ guarantee yourself a seat.

LIVINcollective is a restaurant, retail store, và hangout, all in one. After browsing the concept store that sells funky stuff from local artists and designers, sit down for a while and enjoy a meal. Here you can find not only the best burgers in town, but also delicious smoked barbecue meats, ribs, tacos, lots of craft beer, wine, cider and fine coffee. Closed on Sundays.
Yen’s Restaurant has quickly become a favorite ahy vọng locals & expats alike – it is a great place to lớn enjoy some authentic Vietnamese dishes. The soft lighting, traditional music, & soft-spoken staff dressed in traditional ‘ao dai’, all contribute towards creating a mellow atmosphere for diners. On the thực đơn are spring rolls, claypots, noodles, ribs & rice dishes, along with local favorites like pho, banh xeo & bun bo Hue.

For authentic Swiss-French fare, this is the go-lớn. Just minutes from the Tran Phu Beach, this wooden cabin-style restaurant offers a warm và cozy ambience to lớn diners, allowing them lớn feel right at home. The thực đơn offers a good range of crepes, salads, imported cheeses, grilled beef, lamb steaks, mountain sausages, và even crocodile. Great for a relaxed and calm evening.

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