Where to stay in hanoi vietnam for a first time traveller


Hanoi hasn"t always been on the top of my travelling danh mục. I always had a feeling that this thành phố would be way too crazy và hectic like so many people told me, even though it is one of the most ancient capitals in the world & surely would have some things lớn see on offer.

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However, when I first landed in Hanoi I instantly felt energised, with my eyes wanting khổng lồ be everywhere at once and holding my breath khổng lồ catch the most of this amazing đô thị. Hanoi is definitely a đô thị of contrasts. And it has a lot of awesome hidden gems too.

The mix of Chinese và French influences will mesmerise you và make you fall in love sầu with the chaos of the Old Quarter. This is also a great travel guide khổng lồ Hanoi with all it has on offer.

If you are wondering where khổng lồ stay in Hanoi to lớn be cthua thảm to the city’s action, then you’ve reached the right place.

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Where To Stay In Hanoi

#1 Hanoi Old Quarter: Where To Stay In Hanoi On A Budget

Hoan Kiem is one of the best neighbourhoods khổng lồ stay in a central part of Hanoi. Known also as Hanoi City Centre or Hanoi Old Quarter, this place will impress you instantly with its rich history và culture.

In Hoan Kiem district you will find a place khổng lồ stay, no matter if you are a backpacker & just need a bed to lớn crash or you like a bit of luxury.

Moreover, for those of who are looking for maximum action when visiting Hanoi, you should definitely consider Hanoi Old Quarter as the best area lớn stay in Hanoi.

Best Places To Stay In Hanoi Old Quarter For Luxury

Sofitel Legover Metropole Hanoi

If you wonder where to lớn stay in Hanoi"s Old Quarter, I highly recommend the Sofitel Legover Metropole Hanoi as a luxurious option.

This khách sạn is a historic landmark mix in a building built in 1901 which will impress you with its grandness and elegant neo-classic style. Plus you"ll find a heated swimming pool, a cocktail bar, whiskey lounge và it"s also trang chính to lớn the first-ever French restaurant in Hanoi called Le Beaulieu.

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Apricot Hotel

Apricot Hotel is another 5-star hotel in Hanoi. Offering a breathtaking view over Hoan Kiem Lake, it stuns its visitors with the rooftop swimming pool and modern facilities within its neo-classic style. Make sure you kiểm tra out the panoramic fitness centre và trendy rooftop bar.

From the khách sạn door, it"s only 300 meters to lớn the popular Thang Long Water Puppet Theater!

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Best Places To Stay In Hanoi Old Quarter: Mid-Range và Affordable

Oriental Suites và Spa

Oriental Suites và Spa is a more affordable option which welcomes its guests with cozy rooms và excellent spa làm đẹp services.

Just footsteps khổng lồ the famous Hoan Kiem Lake, a central point within the thành phố centre, Oriental Suites is a great place lớn put your head down if you want to bởi a lot ofshopping, eat authenticstreet foodand enjoy a livelyatmosphere.

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MK Premier Boutique

Finally, MK Premier Boutique is a nice hotel in the Old Quarter also in the affordable category at just 200 meters away from the Old City Gate.

Apart from the location, the rooftop offers an incredible view, where you can spend time sitting under the fairy lights enjoying Vietnamese food. Clean và comfortable và really a great choice for the price you pay!

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#2 Hanoi West Lake: Best Place To Stay In Hanoi For Couples

Hanoi West Lake can be considered the safest neighbourhood in Hanoi as here you will find the highest density of expats in Vietphái mạnh. This area possible makes the softest transition from a our modern world inlớn hectic Hanoi.

Here you will find modern shops và plenty of restaurants where you can try both local cuisine & international food.

Luxury Accommodation Choices

InterContinental Hanoi Westlake

InterContinental Hanoi Westlake is surely one of the best places to lớn stay in Hanoi. It will offer you everything you could expect from a 5-star khách sạn.

Located right on the shores of West Lake, InterContinental takes luxury lớn a high standard within contemporary Vietnamese decor và world-class service. Great for couples!

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Sheraton Hanoi

Sheraton Hanoi features a mix between beautiful décor influenced by French colonies and Vietnamese culture & traditions. Withpicturesque views of West Lake, it"s only a 10-minute drive sầu from here lớn downtown và it"s a mere a 10-minute stroll toHo Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Marble bathrooms, an outdoor pool, fitness centre & adjacent restaurant featuring an international buffet will make your stay perfect.

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Affordable Accommodation Choices

Elegant Suites Westlake

On the other hand, Elegant Suites Westlake is one of those boutique hotels in Hanoi where you will feel lượt thích in heaven. Located just a few minutes from West Lake, this hotel appears lượt thích a peaceful retreat in the middle of the buzzing city.

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Somerset West Lake Hanoi

Somermix West Lake Hanoi is exactly what you need after a long day of exploring Hanoi. The extravagant và elegant apartments will make you feel lượt thích home. Since the units are apartment-style, many come with fully equipped kitchens, some even with a dining area.

There is also a complimentary shuttle going into lớn the city center that is available khổng lồ all guests.

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#3 Ba Dinh District: Best Area To Stay In Hanoi Cthua thảm To Everything

If you ask me about Ba Dinh, I would tell you that this is the place where you get the best of Hanoi’s culture.

Here you will find Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, the Old Citadel, or the Military Museum. Start wandering through the streets of this neighbourhood và you"ll discover some hidden gems guaranteed.

Luxury Accommodation Choices

Lotte Hotel

I recommend Lotte Hotel as a luxurious option in Ba Dinh. Here you"ll find how the traditional past is able to mingle with the modern future.

Luxurious rooms, an outdoor pool and indoor pool, a fitness center, sauna facilities và great thành phố views from the rooftop make Lotte Hotel a great luxurious choice for your stay in Hanoi.

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La Belle Vie Hotel

La Belle Vie Hotel will make you fall in love sầu with Hanoi. Flawless service, immaculately-styled rooms, panoramic rooftop views over the đô thị, a lovely pool, open-air dining, it"s a great place lớn stay right next to the hectic Old Quarter.

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Affordable Accommodation Choices

Sunsight House

If you are looking for an affordable option in the neighbourhood, Sunsight House will offer you exactly that.

Scandinavian designed, the guesthouse really feels lượt thích a home away from trang chính. Air-conditioned rooms, a tropical balcony and Western and vegetarian food right down the street make this a wonderful place khổng lồ stay in Hanoi on a budget.

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Flower Garden Hotel

Flower Garden Hotel is an elegant, yet affordable hotel choice in Hanoi. You will benefit from friendly service, chic Vietnamese interiors and a rooftop restaurant, The Crystal Lotus.

Formerly called the “French Quarter”, Ba Dinc District is actually the political centre of Vietphái mạnh as you"ll find most embassies and government building around here. And you"ll have easy access lớn theHo Chi Minc Museum, Botanical Gardens & an easy walk inkhổng lồ the Old Quarter.

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#4 Truc Bach: Best Place To Stay In Hanoi For Families

I recommover you reserve 2-3 days to explore the area of Truc Bach, an interesting and exceptionally cool neighbourhood in Hanoi.

Located at the northern kết thúc of the Old Quarter, Truc Bach also lies separated from West Lake by a narrow dike. Admire the lake shores, enjoy some of the Vietnamese flavours, little markets và temples & you will quickly be convinced that you should come back lớn Hanoi as soon as possible.

Luxurious Choice:Pan Pacific Hotel

My recommendation for a luxurious place to stay around here is the Pan Pacific Hotel. It deserves khổng lồ be considered as one of the best hotels in Hanoi, offering you not only top-notch accommodation but also extremely tasty food.

Combine that with a nice spa, indoor heated pool and beautiful French bathroom amenities & you know you"ll have a great stay!

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Affordable Choice: Millan Home

Millan Home won’t empty your credit card, being the best choice when you want to enjoy the city và its rich culture while staying at an affordable and modern guesthouse.

It boasts a rooftop terrace with views over the lake, air-conditioned rooms & even offers free use of bikes. Truly feels lượt thích a trang chính.

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Hanoi is one of those destinations where one trip is simply not enough. The Old Quarter is a stunning set of effervescence and traditions, which make this thành phố better with every new visit.

Are you planning a trip to Hanoi?

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