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What a convenient and easy way for you to book your trip with Bamboo Airways via online booking website as following guidance !

Step 1: Visit our trang web at http://www.viethanquangngai.edu.vn. On our home page, type in departing thành phố or airport and arriving city or airport of your intended journey in “From” và “To” field respectively. Then, select preferred journey type (roundtrip, oneway, or multi-city), departure date, return date, and number of passengers. Click the “Search Flights” button to lớn proceed.

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If you have a promotion code, please use it as below


Step 2: Select the preferred travel class for your selected flight(s) by opting in the appropriate box in the fare selection. A recap of your total fare (taxes & fees included) will be shown on the right side of your screen. Click “Next” to proceed.


Step 3: Complete your personal information. Please cảnh báo that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Click “Next” to lớn proceed.


Step 4: Select add-on services if desired in this step, you may book your preferred seat và purchase extra checked baggage. Click “Next” lớn proceed.

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Step 5:

Your flight itinerary will be shown in this step. Please verify your personal information prior khổng lồ selecting your payment method. Bamboo Airways offers the following payment options:

• By credit card: Visa Master American Express, & JCB• By debit card: any domestic debit card linked with NAPAS system• Pay later: at Bamboo Airways’ official ticket office or authorized collection counters across Vietnam. Click here for our detailed guide on ticket payment.


Step 6: Click “Confirm Booking” to complete the purchase.

Step 7: Once your booking is successful, Bamboo Airways’ booking system will send an e-ticket lớn the e-mail address you provided us. Your e-ticket will include your personal information, flight itinerary & reservation code.

If you bởi not receive your e-ticket within 1 hour of successful booking, please log onto our trang web at http://www.viethanquangngai.edu.vn khổng lồ look up your ticket number, or liên hệ our call Center at 19001166 for support. (The same process also applies in case of e-ticket loss).

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Once you have received your e-ticket, you can print out a physical copy or store it on your phone. You will be asked lớn provide your e-ticket upon arrival at the check-in counter.