Bai sao beach is a unique destination in phu quoc


Known as theParadise on Earth. Bai Sao – Phu Quoc is an ideal destination for all sea lover. Thanks to lớn the màu sắc of xanh sea, clear white as pure, smooth as ice cream of immense sand dunes. The sea here is considered an unforgettable place in the heart of each guest has totravel Phu Quoc Island.

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Bai Sao (Star Beach) – One of the most stunning beach in Phu Quoc

On summer days, other beaches ofPhu Quoc Islandhave big waves, but Bai Sao is not. It has a mellow beauty, quiet and little waves, not fierce because it is located in the position of Southwest wind. Is it right from its place lớn bring a difference, leaving more impression than other seas?

Beautiful beachfront with light coconut trees in front of the wind

Bai Sao – Phu Quoc also bring a beautiful wild and peaceful to strange. Sleeping chairs, umbrellas are laid out under the roofs of thatched roofs of coconut leaves & coconut shells with a little liu riu can help you khổng lồ drop into the soul of the forgotten. Go busy, worry in life complicated. Sand beach Bai Sao – Phu Quoc carries a cream-like white color, which is likened to lớn the sand of the world famous Caribbean beach. In addition, the surrounding waters are not soothing but also a very special greed color called turquoise.

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Lose yourself to the mysterious beauty of the species

In the vast ocean are extremely special species such as needlefish fish, lovely little squid, some shellfish … But the most interesting is when traveling at Bai Sao – Phu Quoc, you can dive into clear water lớn see the colorful coral reefs & species featured here are sea stars. Interesting activities can not be denied when traveling atBai Sao – Phu Quoc.

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Certainly when arriving points tourist Phu Quoc you will not forget the exciting experience as surfing, fishing, kayaking … more especially lying on the couch to lớn watch the scenery peaceful Here is the restaurant Paradiso. What are you waiting for without booking thePhu Quoc island toursto enjoy the moment immersed in the “heaven paradise”?

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