Before the process of checking into a flight was possible only at the airport. Now you can check in online & choose your own seat, enter your frequent flyer number, và receive your boarding pass whenever & where ever you are. Receive your boarding pass in advance and kiểm tra in your luggage at the baggage express line.

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The following customers cannot be checked in online:- Passengers flying on codeshare flights not operated by Asiana Airlines.- Unaccompanied minors, passengers traveling with pets & passengers with special service requests etc. * Passengers with connecting flights will only be checked in lớn flights operated by Asiana Airlines.
This page can only be accessed by customers who have received a check-in notification message. Please kiểm tra if this journey is included in your reservation. As an alternative, access the links above “Check-in with Booking Reference” và enter your reservation number or ticket number to lớn continue online check-in.

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Off-airport boarding passes are issued according khổng lồ the law of each country & airport. Online boarding passes will be issued for flights departing from the follow airports:All airports within Korea, Europe (LHR, FCO, CDG, FRA, IST), nhật bản (NRT, HND, KIX, FUK, OKA, NGO), Others (SYD, HKG, TPE, TSE, ALA)The following airports vị not allow di động boarding passes:LAX, SFO, JFK SEA, ORD, HNL. Please print a hard copy of your boarding pass received by email.If you receive a Boarding Pass Exchange Coupon, please exchange it with a boarding pass at the airport.
Most Online Check-in failures are caused by wrong information entered (date of birth, passport number etc). Our system sends each passport information to the departing và arriving airport immigration office và receive a response for each passenger’s travel permission. Wrong or invalid information will not receive travel permission and check-in will fail. Please double kiểm tra your travel information & proceed lớn check-in.

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Check-in can fail in the following circumstances:1. Additional travel documents (visa, travel document, return ticket etc.) needs to lớn be validated.- Passenger who need additional travel document checks can be assisted by an airport agent. Passengers are responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents & for complying with the laws of each country from, through or to. Please re-confirm the travel documents required for your journey và prepare all the documents necessary. Asiana Airlines will not be liable for any damages or costs caused by the lack of travel documents.2. Failure to receive response from immigration office.- Unstable network may receive false responses. Try entering dummy information and re-enter your correct travel information and proceed check-in.3. US bound Flights- Passengers traveling lớn U.S. Territory may be selected for secondary screening. Passengers who are subject to lớn secondary screening cannot be checked in online or use kiosks to check-in. Please receive additional information from a check-in agent at the airport.